High Flow Hose Y with Shutoffs

High Flow Hose Y with Shutoffs

  • Aluminum $13.95 HYVAL
  • Plastic $8.95 HYVHPL

These full flow hose 'Y's allow up to 45% more water to flow than standard fixtures.


  • Large, easy to grip handles
  • Easy-on swivel connector
  • Increased sprinkler/nozzle performance
  • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Split your faucet and use one line or both at once. Put a drip system on one side and still keep one line open for a garden hose.

Customer Reviews

maybe bulky connector
I have a standard 3/4 hose bibb out at my garden and the part of this unit that screws onto the bibb was too large to allow the connection to tighten. It might be as much the short design of my hose bibb, but the only way I could get it to connect was to grind off parts of the plastic that is made to grip. It's not a big deal as I made it fit and I was able to tighten it on successfully with no leaks.

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