High Flow Brass Hose Y with Valves

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  • D. S. K. - Dec 29th 2020

    So far so good

    Only bought this recently, but so far it is working great. Sprinklers are working better now that I am using this high-flow Y, even though I haven’t yet changed to the wider (3/4) hoses.

  • Sridhar - Aug 3rd 2020

    Very easy to set up

    Received the small garden bed kit last week and it was easy to set up and working well.

  • Emelyn - Jun 26th 2020

    High Flow Brass Valves - excellent.

    Handles were a little tough to turn initially . . . but then . . . I was wowed. Truly high flow, sturdy, no leaks, easy to control. And, as always, great service DripWorks. Thank you!

  • nanette - May 8th 2020

    Good sturdy hose splitter

    This splitter is brass and works well. My hoses don’t leak.

  • John - Aug 4th 2019

    Quality Product

    Seems like the Y valves from the big box stores and national hardware stores just do not hold up long. This one is compact and solid and should last longer than the others.

  • Joseph - Jun 8th 2019

    Perfect Hose Y

    This is heavy duty. I'm tired of buying and throwing away brass Y shut off valves for my hoses. This thing is not like the ones you get in the store. This one will last. Thanx, Dripworks. This was exactly what I was looking for.

  • William - May 25th 2018

    Brass High Flolw Y

    The valve works very well, I bought it for its unrestricted high flow ball valve

  • Raul - Aug 22nd 2017

    The only true full flow y with valves in the market

    I finally found a valved Y with true 1/2" ID ball valves. No pressure drop. Love them. Their full-flow Y with no valves, which I also purchased, is also the best flowing one I have used or tested.

  • Marvin - Aug 11th 2017

    Flawed product

    Valve is not full flow, being constricted by the smaller diameter hole in the ball valve that controls flow. Also, the valve ball retaining ring unscrewed when I attempted to remove a hose from the wye assembly. Later, the nut holding the valve handle onto the valve shaft unscrewed. It has neither lock-washer or a thread lock substance to keep it in place. Overall, this is an attractive concept whose weaknesses are in the execution of a moderately good design.

  • EMILY DAYTON - May 27th 2015


    1st item was defective. Immediate help. Fast replacement. Not required to return defective part. Replacement item well-made- very satisfied


Run two drip systems (with or without timers) from one faucet or leave one outlet available for a garden hose.

The new high flow brass hose Y offers more than double the flow of a standard brass hose Y. It will split an existing faucet into two outlets that can be either used at the same time or individually. The metal shut off handles are much more durable than the plastic handles commonly found on hose Y fittings. The longer body style and the easy grip swivel hose connection make installation much easier.

Warning: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.

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