H2OWize Retro Regulator

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The Retro Regulator is a drop in component that allows you to convert older, wasteful sprinklers into efficient, water-saving sprays. It can be installed in most existing spray bodies within seconds.

  • SAVE WATER. Pressure regulation reduces the amount of water at the nozzle eliminating misting and overspray.
  • SAVE MONEY. Water costs are increasing. Retro-Regulator™ is easy to install and uses the existing spray body already in the ground.
  • ZERO PLASTIC WASTE. Since you are using the existing non-PRS spray body and internals there is no need to throw out perfectly good parts.
  • COMPATIBLE. New design fits in the following manufactures spray bodies; Rain Bird®, Hunter ®, Weathermatic®, Orbit ®, HydroRain®, K-Rain®, Irritrol® 4”, 6” and 12” models.

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