Gilmour Swivel Connect Extended Watering Wand

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Designed for superior control and precision, the Thumb Control Watering Wand with Swivel Connect™ features a connector that pivots without twisting the hose-reducing kinks by 70%. Additionally, the force that causes the hose to rotate is reduced, making it easier to pull and keep the hose straight. An adjustable head helps direct the spray, making this wand ideal for hard-to-reach plants and hanging baskets. Its ergonomic handle with thumb control on/off valve adjusts water flow without hand fatigue, and five clearly marked, easily articulated spray patterns offer a variety of options.

  • Thumb Control Watering Wand with Swivel Connect™ pivots without twisting the hose, reducing kinks by 70%
  • Reduction in torque improves mobility and ease of use
  • Extended wand features an adjustable head, ideal for hard-to-reach plants and hanging baskets
  • 34 in. reach


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