Galcon Bluetooth LCD Timer

Galcon Bluetooth LCD Timer



  • Weekly/Daily Programming
  • Cyclic programming option available
  • Easy to set programming with LCD display.
  • Standard female hose thread (FHT) inlet and male hose thread (MHT) outlet.
  • Manual override and low battery indicator.
  • Programming can be done between 14-90 feet away from timer depending on surroundings


  • Start Times: Up to 4 per day
  • Daily, up to every 7 days
  • Duration: 1 minute to 12 hours
  • Pressure Range: 15 - 145 PSI
  • Flow Range: 0.5 - 5.3 gallons per minute (GPM) at 30 PSI
  • Batteries: One 9 volt industrial alkaline (not included)
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Manufacturer's Part Number: 9001BT

Customer Reviews

Gardening is a pleasure with the Galcon Timers
I own three different Galcon Timer models and they’re each a great tool and along with the Galcon Bluetooth app gardening is a pleasure. One of the timers has been running faithfully for a year. Even through hail and winds gusting between 60-80 Mph it just kept working. That’s why I own three of them.
Works well.
No comments. Seems to meet my needs!
Must Have
If you are going to set up an irrigation system you must have this battery powered automatic timer. It comes on at the time I set it for the duration I specify. It simplifies my work and relieves worry when I'm not at home.
Works Great!
This timer is an easy sell to customers because it is easy to use.
Timer works - app does not
The timer does it's job but it's extremely disappointing that it is marketed as a Bluetooth product with an accompanying app. That app refuses to pair with the device. In fact, the app has 1.5 stars on the app store.
So convenient
These timers work great. I have several flower beds and my husband has a raised vegetable garden. To be able to leave for a weekend or longer and know that these timers work is great. Would highly recommend the entire irrigation system.
Easy and effective
Easy and effective because once I paired it to my phone, I do everything from the app... I never have to even look at the timer. I set it up to run every am and if I need an additional watering, I just go to manual and start in the app. I had setup 4 raised beds with drip works system and everything works as planned- amazing
Excellent product
Excellent. My wish though would be for Galcon to make the app work from miles away. It would be nice to control my water system while on vacation.

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