Galcon Alternator Valve

Galcon Alternator Valve


Don't buy another expensive timer or build a complex manifold! Simply attach our hose threaded Galcon Alternator Valve to your spigot or timer to instantly double coverage of your drip irrigation system.


  • Outlet switches with each timer cycle
  • Rugged, impact-resistant construction
  • Ideal for remote applications
  • Female hose thread inlet and male hose threat outlets

This Alternator Valve is not a timer, and does not require batteries or a power source. It is simply powered by the water moving through it. Place the Alternator Valve downstream of a timer or valve and it will alternate the water flow from one outlet to the next with each timer cycle. It is a simple, inexpensive solution to double the coverage of your drip irrigation system.


  • Allows flows up to 6 gallons per minute per outlet
  • Operates in a pressure range from 14 to 140 PSI
  • Low friction polymer construction
  • Flow switches from outlet 1 to outlet 2 with each timer cycle
  • Allow one minute of "recovery" time between timer cycles

Customer Reviews

Galcon autoswitch valves
As others have said, these are great when they work. I've been using them for 5+ years. Some are still working, about 1/2 have been replaced. If your system is running without supervision, then you won't notice when a valve fails and that could be a catastrophe when your plants died. It is possible to fix a jammed valve fairly easily in some cases but again, if you are not watching the system regularly it could be a big problem. And problematical whether to 'fix' a jammed valve for fear it would likely jam again. A nice feature is that the valve(s) can be placed at the end of a long pipe run with no wiring required. Another plus is that 3 valves in a 'y' formation can control 4 sprinklers which will cycle V1 left ,V2 left, V1 right, V2 right. If you run them twice daily then each V1-V2 pair will water every other day.
This is done by wiring 2 separate timer-cycle wires into a single electronic valve, so the electronic timer will trigger the single electronic valve to run twice per day. This will trigger V1 left, V2 left and the following day V1 right, V2 right. Nice!
Galcon Alternator
The Galcon alternator is good....when it works. I shop with Dripworks all the time and love everything they sell. However, if I am going to be honest, I have had to replace the alternator once a year for the past 4 years as it breaks or does not work after a years time.
I love this thing! 5 stars!
I have a large garden that is divided in quadrants. Paired with a timer, it is easy to irrigate one side and then the other without lifting a finger.
Very useful item
I love the function of this alternator valve -- it allows a single outlet timer to alternate sending water to one system on one cycle and another system on the next cycle. You can also manually switch it if you just want to test it. I had a little trouble when one blew apart, but Dripworks replaced it right away. It may have been cracked in assembly, but the others I have continue working just fine. The literature says it can handle up to 120 psi, but a pressure regulator may be a good idea. I love that it's simple, operates on water flow alone, and effectively turns a single outlet timer into a dual outlet timer. I have the timers set to water one system one day and another the next, but you could program your timer to water both systems in the same day just by having it operate twice a day.
Galcon Alternator Valve
It works great and best part is that it runs on water pressure and does not reduce pressure much at all. Downside is overtime it starts to leak and I am not sure if the valve closes completely as I am now getting constant leaking from it down the line. So I had to get a replacement valve after about 2 yrs
Alternator Valve
Most game changing item in my garden. Works every time. Gives me ultimate flexibility to run water under pressure further. Saves water under California drought conditions.
As advertised
Works great Going to order some more
Poorly constructed
Lasted less than 2 weeks here on the farm. Began sporadically not switching over, then after another week quit working altogether.

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