Filter/Pressure Regulator Unit

Filter/Pressure Regulator Unit


This combination filter/pressure regulator has a 1/2" FPT inlet on the bottom allowing it to be installed onto a 1/2" MPT riser and comes with 2 female hose starts. The cap on the unit can be removed for a second outlet so that 1/2" poly tubing can be run off both sides.


  • Internal 30 PSI regulator
  • Internal 150 Mesh filter
  • 300 GPH flow through
  • Max inlet PSI of 60

Customer Reviews

Great solution
This is a great replacement for pop-up sprinkler heads if you are converting to a drip system. We've used units sold by R****ird that work ok, but prefer this unit because 1) it has a lower vertical profile above the "cap" than the R**d version (which has a tall T that screws into the cap), 2) the option to screw on a cap to one side of the T-connector looks much cleaner than using a looped back piece of tubing (as for R***d unit), and 3) the easy-loc connectors on the T are MUCH easier to use or perform a tubing change than the compression fittings on the R***d T. Just wish I had found this unit first.

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