EZ Stake Assembly (5 Pack)

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  • Melissa - May 10th 2021

    Great value

    These worked perfectly with my DIY drip kit I bought a year ago!

  • Thomas - Feb 26th 2021

    17” EZ Stake

    Easy to install and added a needed watering dimension to my raised bed

  • Earl K. - Dec 29th 2020



  • James - Jul 31st 2018

    new lawn sprinkler

    Been trying to find a way to water the side lawn, these work great with the 180 Deg spray heads.

  • Gregory - Jul 4th 2018

    EZ Stake

    It's truly EZ to setup. The mister attachment occasionally needs to be replaced but with this unit that's no problem.

  • Susan - Jun 28th 2018

    Sprayer heads

    I have ordered several things from dripworks, I always get my stuff quickly, it is always what I ordered and good quality. I will use them again

  • Jeff - Jul 24th 2017

    EZ Stake

    Great product, easy to use. Tall enough for full effect, durable enough to drive deep for small radius. Really been enjoying the install and application that ez stakes have provided.

  • Jeff - Jul 14th 2017

    EZ stake is right

    When plugging hundreds of micro sprayers, the easy stake allows for a uniform install that saves you time. Highly recommend.

  • Mary Messina - Mar 8th 2014


    I purchased these misters and tubing several years ago. They were easy to install, work very well, and have lasted all these years. Good product for rows of plants.


A complete stake assembly, fast and easy to use. Includes a clip stake and three feet vinyl tubing with a transfer barb inserted. All you need is the sprayer or mister!

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