The trend is clear: Marijuana is here to stay. As state after state legalizes growing and using cannabis, more folks are discovering how they can benefit from what authorities once branded as a noxious weed.

Growing Grass for Fun or Profit

Whether you want to grow for personal consumption and pleasure or to make a few bucks, a cannabis drip irrigation system can help conserve water. That will keep your water bill under control and maybe even add a few credits to your cosmic karma account.

As a leader in drip irrigation, DripWorks is happy to offer you an assortment of cannabis drip irrigation kits. There's something for everyone here, from the occasional toker to the big-time commercial grower. One thing remains constant across all these kits, however. With drip irrigation, cannabis plants will grow better and without wasting water.

Kit Choices

If you want to grow just one plant for personal use, consider our Single Plant Watering Kit. This “one for fun” kit makes watering your beloved bud as easy as connecting a hose to a faucet. Soaker dripline will encircle your plant, delivering water via pre-installed emitters according to the directions you have programmed into the included timer.

For the still-casual but slightly more serious user, we recommend our Six-Plant Watering Kit. Ideal for the hobby grower, it provides maximum yields with minimal effort for up to six plants. The automated Bluetooth timer means you can spend your time doing other things, like sampling your previous crop, rather than turning the faucet on and off.

Serious growers looking to produce “Christmas trees” in up to 10 large containers should check out our Monster Cannabis Kit. Available with an optional timer, this kit will provide you a durable, versatile, pressure-compensating drip system to efficiently water and grow your ganja. If you purchase this kit, you can even grab a 15% discount on our 200-Gallon and 400-Gallon Black Smart Pots.

Do you want the ability to water and grow anywhere from 10 to 100 cannabis plants? Then our Customizable Cannabis Watering Kit is for you. This easily expandable kit lets you customize your drip system's components based on your specific needs. It will grow with your operation.