Corona Light CL-312, Underwater, Stainless Steel

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This underwater light is to be used in fountains, ponds, garden pool and waterfalls to bring light to your water features. The housing is made of corrosion resistant 316 marine grade solid stainless steel. With a clear, tempered and heat resistant glass lens and an interior reflector.

Key Points:

  • Fixture is compatible with LED, LED (color), and halogen lamps. 12V, MR-16, 35W (halogen) max.
  • Fixture is prewired with a 30' 18-2 SJT-W water resistant cord.
  • Fully adjustable for light aiming, mounted on a heavy duty stainless steel round base including in-out compartment for multiple connection of fixtures.
  • DO NOT use in swimming pools, lakes, or spas.
  • Limited warranty on fixture against manufacturer's defect.

Electrical Notes:

  • Fixture can be supplied by a variety of LED lamps.
  • Voltage range with LED lamp is 8-21V
  • Fixture is designed to be installed in waterfalls, shallow ponds, and fountains.
  • Fixture IS NOT designed to be installed in Lakes, Swimming Pools, or Spas.
  • Proper greasing and lubrication theaded parts is suggested for installation.
  • Remote 12 Volt transformer is required.

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