Chapin HydroFeed Fertilizer Injector

Chapin HydroFeed Fertilizer Injector

  • 16 oz $34.95 IHF16
  • 24 oz $39.95 IHF24
  • 32 oz $69.95 IHF32

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Chapin HydroFeed fertilizer injector is ideal for small to medium size gardens. Fertilizer injector comes with a clear tank for easy monitoring of usage, and funnel-top mouth for easy filling. Drain valve will allow you to quickly empty remaining product and water from the tank. Use with liquid, granular concentrates and or fish emulsion applications. Works best at 40 PSI.

Maximum incoming pressure 60 PSI.

16, 24, and 32 oz. models – mixes 1 oz. of concentrate per gallon

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Fertilizing made easy
What a great way to fertilize your plants than with this Injector.

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