CETA PC Emitters

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  • Russ Scheer - Jul 6th 2022

    1/2 and 1 gallon emitters

    Working great and accurately, but the biggest appeal was the ability to clean a fouled emitter. This makes this product intriguing and cost effective. Thumbs-up

  • William - Jul 17th 2020

    1/2 GPH end-of-line

    They work!

  • Mark - Jun 15th 2020


    I was buying orbit emitters, and 1/2 of them don't work. All of the emitters from your company work flawlessly.

  • Glen - Jul 28th 2019


    Just exactly what I needed. Service was great!

  • IVAN - Jul 6th 2019

    Excellent for hard water areas with slight mod

    Ceta Drippers w/outlet barb are modified slightly by adding 4" piece of 1/4" tubing. All mineral deposits end up on the end of the added piece of tubing which can be easily removed if necessary. Result is no hard water accumulation deposits on the drippers, no failures due to hard water, plus water drip can be better positioned by slight rotation! Outstanding for overhead drip on pot designs with prepared soil!

  • Susan - May 26th 2019

    Vets emitters

    I really like the emitters they work well

  • Everett R - May 10th 2019

    Small plastic emitters

    These work just fine! Have them everywhere in all my gardens . The new red ones also emit 1/2 gal per hour just like the older orange one and are a little bit smaller. I just love them

  • Stanley - Jun 23rd 2018

    Home Garden

    CE PC's are very good and get the job done.

  • GREG - Jun 16th 2018

    Quick installation, reliable.

    Drippers are the only accessory to use in certain areas. These drippers consistently supply the correct volume of water for the plant you are supplying.

  • Broderick - May 14th 2018

    In line drippers do not work consistently

    This brand for end drippers work great. The company's adaptation of the end dripper to make it an in line dripper did not work for me. There are plenty of choices for in line drippers, do not pick this one


The CETA PC Emitters are pressure compensating emitters that come apart for easy cleaning. They are available in 3 different flows and they have 1/4" barbs on the inlet and outlets. All of these emitters operate in a pressure range of 15 to 45 PSI.

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