Garden Prep: How to Be Productive in Your Garden This Season

Garden Prep: How to Be Productive in Your Garden This Season

May 10th 2024

With the sun shining brighter and days getting longer, spring blooms are just around the corner. So, if you want to start a garden for your favorite herbs or a vegetable garden in your backyard, now is your chance!

The first step in gardening is getting your yard ready. Give your garden a good spring cleaning to freshen it up after a long winter, to get your garden in shape for the warmer months. With this spring gardening checklist, you can tackle all your outdoor tasks like a pro.

How To Start Prepping Your Garden?

To start spring gardening, it is essential to prep your soil first. The long, harsh winter often leaves soil abundant in weeds and nutrient-less. So, the first step is to meet these concerns and prepare them for growth again. Here is how you can do that:

  1. Prune trees and shrubs.
  2. Remove dead leaves and weeds.
  3. Add compost and fertilizer for nutrients.
  4. Plant new trees, herbs, and flowers as per your liking.
  5. Tune up your irrigation system.

How to Be Productive in Your Garden?

Spring is the most active time to be in the garden. So, let's head outdoors to clean and prepare our garden beds, repair irrigation systems, do a little pruning, and start the growing season off right. Here are five things you can do to launch the spring season successfully.

1. Building Raised Beds

If you have garden beds, it's time to clean them up! Remove weeds and debris and add a new layer of soil. If you are adding raised garden beds to your backyard, now is the time to do it.

Raised beds are perfect for giving your garden a more systemized and structured look. They also make gardening more accessible and less backbreaking, providing a great growing opportunity for all kinds of plants and vegetables.

Building a raised garden bed or using a raised garden bed kit is simple and will be a great addition to your garden.

You can even make DIY-raised garden beds. Doing it yourself allows you to customize your garden look however you want. You can use the following materials to make your DIY garden beds:

  • Wooden boxes
  • Bricks
  • Metal troughs
  • Old tires
  • Storage carts
  • Wood pallets

2. Planting New Trees and Shrubs

The spring season is meant to bring colors with it. Gardening, on the other hand, is the gateway to this colorful environment. Therefore, it is the perfect time to plant new shrubs and trees, as they thrive ideally in this season.

However, plants demand a lot of attention for proper growth. So, choose wisely what you want to plant. If you are a flower fanatic, choose perennial plants that flower all year round. On the contrary, if you are a low-maintenance person, go for hardy or native plants that don't demand much attention.

You will also need durable professional tools to ensure the best growth for your plants. These tools ensure that roots are correctly embedded in soil and that there are no air pockets present, which might halt the growth process.

DripWorks makes high-quality stainless-steel tools that help with the proper plantation of new trees and shrubs. You will need the following Gardenbee tools for preparing your garden for plantation:

  • Dibbler
  • Weeder
  • Garden rake
  • Soil scoop
  • Seed transplanter
  • Hand trowel

3. Checking Sprinklers Systems

When your system has been down for months, it is a good idea to check for broken or missing sprinklers and fittings and debris and dust that could clog the sprinkler heads. Always check your valves and timers before Summer.

Ideally, maintenance work should be done before the weather gets hotter. Some areas have late frost dates, but for most, it is the 21st of May. However, this may vary depending on the country and climate. So, it is the best time to check your sprinkler system for maintenance.

Sprinklers are a great help when it comes to initial spring irrigation. They help prep the soil and irrigate it enough to make it retain water for planting. Sprinklers will ensure a beautiful lawn throughout the Summer. They are ideal for medium to large commercial applications. So, get it fixed as soon as possible to start your new blooms!

4. Installing Drip Irrigation in The Spring

Garden irrigation is relatively easy. You can do it manually using a single watering can. However, the more intelligent choice is to use a drip irrigation system. This system is a sustainable watering method that uses micro-irrigation techniques.

Using a drip system will provide adequate water for the roots of your plants without wasting any water. Plus, it helps the soil retain moisture, providing optimal growing conditions. Other benefits of drip irrigation include:

  • Increased crop and flower production
  • Reduces manual labor
  • Protects from pests and diseases
  • Adequate nutrient delivery
  • Reduces weed growth
  • It saves time and money

Installing drip irrigation in the spring before you plant makes it easy to add the plants where the emitters are, but if you already have your plants in the ground, you can install the drip irrigation system where needed. Installing a drip system with a timer will allow you to have a thriving garden even if you are away on vacation.

5. Adjusting Timers to Warmer Weather

Finally, is the management of the irrigation system. Most people are unaware of the system settings of drip irrigation, and that's why their crops suffer when the temperature shifts.

Therefore, adjust the timers according to warmer weather to optimize the irrigation for proper plant growth in spring. Ideally, every irrigation system has three timer settings: seasonal adjustment, water budget, and particular function.

All these settings are set at 100% in normal settings. However, for warmer shifts, you'll have to increase them by up to 110%, increasing irrigation times. This will help you boost plant spring growth!

Benefits of Spring Gardening

Spring is a symbol of positivity and life. New flowers uplift your spirit, giving you an optimistic approach to life. Similarly, spring gardening also comes with its perks and benefits. These include:

  • Connect you with nature
  • Relieves your stress
  • Means of exercise
  • It helps you grow and eat healthy
  • Improves the overall look of your backyard

Final Thoughts

You will have a thriving garden if you start your spring garden with some of these tasks. With these measures, your garden will look amazing and become a favorite hangout area in your home in no time.

Enhance the beauty of your garden with raised beds and ensure sustainable growth with drip irrigation. By installing these upgrades today, you'll enjoy the full benefits of spring before summer and set the stage for a lush garden.

When it comes to gardening, trust the experts. DripWorks, a leading supplier of drip irrigation systems in North California, is your go-to for all your gardening needs. We're not just about drip irrigation—we're also well-versed in other gardening and landscape irrigation. Contact us today and elevate your gardening game!