Watering Tips for Hanging Baskets

Watering Tips for Hanging Baskets

Aug 30th 2023

If you've got hanging baskets, you should know that watering your plants correctly is vital for plant growth. Watering needs vary for plants in hanging baskets and containers because of their unique design, which can often lead the soil to dry out faster than soil in the ground. Learn why properly watering hanging baskets is crucial and how to start doing it today!

Why are watering hanging baskets so important?

Watering hanging baskets correctly is critical for several reasons. Baskets typically have less soil, meaning they have less water-holding capacity than plants grown in the ground. Furthermore, hanging baskets are also exposed to sunlight and air from all sides, elevating the evaporation rate. These factors mean that hanging baskets can quickly dry out and may need a higher watering frequency to thrive.

Tips on watering hanging baskets

Since watering hanging baskets requires a little care and attention, we've compiled a list of steps you should take when approaching this task.

  • Create drainage holes

Before watering, you should drill holes into the bottom of your hanging basket after all, all planting pots need drainage holes to stop the water from submerging the bottom of the container.

  • Evaluate the soil moisture

Analyze your soil's moisture level in the hanging basket. To do this, put your finger an inch into the soil and feel it if it feels dry, you need to water the plant.

  • Water deeply and slowly

You should water slowly and deeply to allow the water to reach all parts of the plant's root system. Use drip irrigation to water your hanging baskets. It would be best to keep watering until you notice the drainage holes dripping with water.

  • Modify watering frequency

Changing the water frequency can depend on factors such as plant type and weather conditions. You should use a watering system with a timer to help you adjust the frequency easily.

  • Watering in the morning

The best time of day to water hanging baskets is in the early morning when it's slightly cooler. After all, watering during the warmest parts of the day can cause the plant to absorb water less efficiently.

  • Don't wet the plant

Avoid getting the flowers and foliage wet when watering your plant, as this can cause fungal diseases.

  • Utilize a nozzle

When using a watering can or hose, you should use a nozzle, which can help you control the water flow and reduce the amount you splash the plants.

  • Analyze plant health

You should continue to monitor your plants' health in the hanging baskets and adjust the watering routine accordingly if you notice yellowing or wilting leaves.

Just remember that the watering needs of your hanging basket plants may vary depending on factors such as the season. Continue monitoring your plants for the best results and check out our blogfor more information on gardening!