The  World’s Pure Food Fair

The World’s Pure Food Fair

Sep 5th 2016

Dripworks is a proud sponsor of the 6th annual “World’s Fair” of the heirloom seed industry. The Heirloom Expo is taking place at the Santa Rosa Fairgrounds in northern California Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday September 6th, 7th, and 8th.

You’ll be able to walk the aisles along with home growers, farmers, school groups, and others like you seeing and tasting over 4,000 varieties of fruits and vegetables. What will be showcased is the diversity of plants that our planet has to offer, and the incredible farmers that grow them.

Amazing Speakers!

Over 75 nationally and internationally acclaimed on-topic speakers will talk about the secrets and the challenges of sustainable farming practices. Some of the people who will educate everyone include Jeffery Smith, Dr William Woys Weaver, Kate Frey, Vani Hari, Jere Gettle, Sara Patterson, John Jeavons, Dr. Vandana Shiva, and 70 other world renowned speakers who will concurrently be in three separate buildings for all three days.

The Mission is to reconnect us to our food heritage. What is needed is getting people with a passion for gardening and growing food educated on how to grow quality organic food.

The food industry and all of its major players are rightfully concerned with their bottom line. GMO food seed has been developed to raise the productivity of crops, to enable plants to be shipped long distances more easily, and to help provide the world with enough food to stave off hunger. All of these claims are coming under question by the general public and many in the scientific community. The National Heirloom Expo examines these issues thoroughly.

Enjoy the many garden based companies showing off their cutting edge, quality products. You’ll find many colorful,

trend setting businesses from all over the United States that offer quality tools and information, books, plants, and products that will compliment your gardening skills. A large variety of delicious food is also available. You’ll have the opportunity to broaden your awareness of what you can grow with heirloom seeds. Stop by the Dripworks booth.