The Nourishing Gardens of Esalen

The Nourishing Gardens of Esalen

Oct 28th 2015

Esalen, a haven devoted to the exploration of human potential, is located in Big Sur, California. Recently, my wife, Nancy, and I had a very enriching experience while visiting with our nephew, Sam, who works there.

Located on Esalen’s breathtaking grounds are five acres of vegetable and flower gardens that beautifully enhance the calming atmosphere and provide an abundance of produce for the institute’s kitchen and cafe.

During their stay, guests can enjoy wandering in the fields, sitting by the gorgeous pond, participating in farm and permaculture workshops, or volunteering with the farm and garden crew. Workshops and seminars, given by expert teachers from around the world on subjects ranging from the creative arts to the art of being, are offered in weekend, five day, or week long blocks. Those partaking will be the first to admit they are indeed fortunate.

Esalen has long been known for is its massage and bodywork modalities. Followed by a relaxing dip in the natural hot springs and soaking tubs overlooking the Pacific Ocean,it is an unforgettable experience.

If you go to Esalen, allow yourself time to enjoy daily yoga, movement classes, massage, dancing, drumming, or to just sit and reflect upon life. Some of you may already do these things at home, but Esalen provides many worthwhile options to explore in an atmosphere designed to nurture your relationship with the natural environment. If expanding your limits and cultivating your outlets for self-expression sounds intriguing, you owe it to yourself to check it out. The visit is definitely worth the time and effort.