The Best Holiday Lights for Your Roof

The Best Holiday Lights for Your Roof

Sep 14th 2023

Christmas decorating starts at the top of your home, and it is the best time to display your holiday spirit with your neighborhood. Christmas roof lights can transform the look of your holiday display and take your holiday décor up a notch. Quality outdoor roof lights make your home look festive, and you can use them for many holiday seasons to come.

The holiday season is rapidly approaching, and it's never too early to start planning the type of light show you want to put on your home's exterior. When planning for outdoor roof lights, you should choose festive rooftop décor and execute the best lighting display in your neighborhood.

From choosing the best outdoor roof lights and popular light color trends to expert tips for hanging roof lights, we have it all covered in this blog. So, without further ado, let's get started!

Classic Icicle Lights

Icicle lights are a popular option for rooftops, windows, or entryways to give your home a stunning frosty makeover. The most common icicle light color is clear white, but you may find other beautiful color combinations like blue with white or red with green to go with a custom light theme. Each icicle has a unique drop length, giving it a more natural and unique appearance.

Snowflakes Icicle Lights

If you're dreaming of a stunning white Christmas, snowflake icicle lights are perfect to create a winter wonderland outside of your home. These cool lights are designed to withstand the shattering caused by wind. Although these Christmas lights are shorter than other outdoor lights, you can connect multiple strands together. These roof lights with pretty snowflakes design are a fun way to bring attention to your home's exterior.

Christmas Bulbs

Christmas bulbs are the most classic and popular along the rooflines. When seen from a distance, they appear extremely bright and more striking than other lights. They are available in a variety of textures and colors, such as blue, white, or multi-colored. They even come in unique shapes like hearts or reindeer.

Christmas bulbs are on light strings to highlight areas of your home or to wrap around trees or decks. These bulbs are perfect for creating eye-catching roof light displays. You can create custom light displays by choosing bulbs and light strings separately.

Raindrop Lights

Raindrop lights are fairly new, and each light is like a single icicle. You can group them together like beads on a string. With raindrop lights, you can illuminate your rooftop and other areas, such as below your windows or on your mailbox.

Traditional Multi Color String Lights

Traditional string lights are unmatched in terms of aesthetics and popularity. Deck your roof in multi-colored holiday cheer with these multi-colored string lights. These lights are affordable and easy to hang. They are suitable for both indoor/ outdoor use. However, it is advised to be careful when using them indoors because incandescent bulbs can heat up with time.

Holiday LED mini lights

Some people find LED lights to be insufficiently bright, especially when viewed from the side. However, wide-angle LED lights are designed to throw the light at the side, so they appear brighter while consuming less energy. These lights are also one of the best holiday lights for your roof. If you want a brighter holiday display but don't want to waste excessive energy, these wide-angle lights are a good option.

Popular Roof Light Color Trends

Outdoor Christmas lights come in a wide spectrum of cheery colors, which provides endless creative options when deciding the theme for your roof light show. Once you decide on the style of holiday lights for your roof, it's time to choose the color.

Popular color trends for roof lights include clear incandescent and warm white LED Christmas lights, the striking contrast of cool white LEDs, multi-colored icicle lights, and vibrant multicolor bulbs.

White LED Christmas Lights

These lights come in two types: cool white and warm white. They are both opaque LED bulbs that create a gorgeous classic glow for those who adore the classic look of incandescent bulbs. Luckily, LEDs use less energy and have a longer lifespan than incandescent bulbs. So, you can add more lights to the exterior of your home and keep it glowing bright for the holiday season.

Multicolored icicle lights

Multicolor icicle lights create a festive roof display and make your home look like a gingerbread house. These lights come with different light modes, like flashing or twinkling.

Multi-colored Bulbs

Multicolor bulbs are popular to create a perfect and cheerful holiday scene. Christmas bulbs are available in a wide range of colors, such as blue, red, yellow, green, orange, purple, and many more.

You cannot go wrong with red, white, and green Christmas lights. However, if you want to add non-traditional colors like pink, orange, or purple, do so carefully. Some popular roof light color themes are red & white, red & green, blue & green, and blue & white.

Tips for Hanging Holiday Lights on Roof Tops

  • First, measure your roof to determine the required quantity and length of lights accurately.
  • Gather the tools, including roof light clips, tape, and outdoor extension cord.
  • Always have someone with you while hanging the lights.
  • Identify the suitable gutters to hang the lights. Locate the right power sources.
  • Keep light clips closely together so that the line is straight, especially while installing icicle lights.
  • Once the holiday season is over, carefully remove the lights the same way as you put them up and properly store them for the next festive season.

Wrapping Up

Proper outdoor lighting on the roof contributes greatly to the Christmas festive mood. The sparkling roof lights give your home an inviting look and bring a unique glimmering warmth to the festive season. A visually appealing home from the outside really impresses your neighbors and is a wonderful welcoming for your guests.

There are wide varieties of styles, colors, and textures in holiday lights. Remember, above all else, it's Christmas, and it's your home, decorate however you want for the holidays!