Smart Irrigation Month and the Garden Bloggers That Inspire Us All To Do Better

Smart Irrigation Month and the Garden Bloggers That Inspire Us All To Do Better

Jul 13th 2016

Smart Irrigation Month sneaks up on us every July, and with the fireworks, scorching summer heat and #smartselfies, we’re reminded to take a beat to think about what’s really important. Irrigation has been around for hundreds of years and as technology advances and our world changes, it’s on us to be conscientious of how we approach irrigation. Each and every one of us can get smarter, but at the end of the day it takes an entire community to create a movement. That’s why this year, in honor of Smart Irrigation Month, we’ve taken the time to recognize some of the smartest garden bloggers we know. These are the people who are already saving water, gardening smarter, and thinking about sustainability. Check them out and let us know if there’s anyone who inspires you to be smarter as well.

Shawna Coronado

Why We Love It: Shawna shows us that one person can make a difference for the world.

What It’s About: Shawna dropped her office job in exchange for a life full of happiness, health and intention. Now she shares her tips for wellness and sustainable living on her blog. Get on board and learn about everything from drip irrigation for elevated garden beds to perennials and organic pest control.

The Real Gardener

Why We Love It: Most garden blogs will tell you what to do, but The Real Gardener also tells you why so you can apply your knowledge smarter.

What It’s About: Cristina da Silva, the voice behind The Real Gardener, has decades of extensive gardening knowledge in her bucket caddy. She started gardening professionally 30 years ago and does a great job of sharing an information in an approachable way. She shares tips for saving water, talks about healthy soil, and writes enough great book recommendations to require at least one new line item in your budget. Read through the entire blog and want more? You can also find Cristina on Twitter at the #groundchat tweetup every Friday.

Pass the Pistil

Why We Love It: Pass the Pistil is a no-nonsense blog about cultivating your garden and your soul.

What It’s About: Pass the Pistil’s Emily Murphy is a dedicated gardener who knows how to get to the root of everything. Her planting tips are useful, matter of fact and beautifully presented, but she doesn’t stop there. Emily also travels often and writes a lot about how gardening can inspire us to see the world in a bigger, greater way.

Garden Matter

Why We Love It: Garden Matter reminds us to slow down and tend to our environment, loved ones, and ourselves.

What It’s About: “There’s something about growing, creating and giving, that for me, is incredibly satisfying and fulfilling,” writes Patti about her blog. Garden Matter combines gardening with crafts, cooking and decorating, resulting in a website that flourishes with ideas and instructionals for home and garden related projects. Follow through with the projects on Patti’s blog and you’ll have everything from fruit tea to floral water — all the makings for a more peaceful and complete home.

Garden Therapy

Why We Love It: Garden Therapy is a home sanctuary for those of us who know how healing it is to grow plants.

What It’s About: Gardening rescued Garden Therapy’s founder, Stephanie, from a debilitating illness. Now she shares her passion and experience with anyone who wants to dig in and DIY with therapeutic projects from the garden. You’ll love Stephanie’s inviting and thoughtful approach to writing. Not only does she take care to make projects accessible to gardeners of all skill levels, she also shares tips for saving water and caring about this Earth that houses us all.

Garden Design Magazine

Why We Love It: When it comes to dreaming about the future of your home garden and outdoor spaces, Garden Design Magazine is the ultimate in aspirational.

What It’s About: Planning your outdoor space or just constantly improving? Garden Design Magazine is the authority for all things gardening. Check out their awesome collection of design ideas, dig deep into their encyclopedic information on plants, and add travel destinations to your list with their incredibly enticing destination imagery.

Savvy Gardening

Why We Love It: From edibles to bugs, Savvy Gardening could very well be the most clever guides for sustainable gardening.

What It’s About: The authors behind Savvy Gardening are smart. They share an incredible amount of knowledge, from beneficial insects to how to cultivate a garden you can eat from. If it were the apocalypse and we suddenly had to grow our own food we would want an internet connection so we could refer to Savvy Gardening. Their tips and tricks would feed us, and their approachable writing style would remind us to stay lighthearted, friendly, approachable, but also serious in our pursuit of gardening.

The Redneck Rosarian

Why We Love It: The Redneck Rosarian reminds us the garden is a place of peace and elegance.

What It’s About: Chris VanCleave, aka The Redneck Rosarian, is a full-time Alabama-based banker with a knack for making a garden radiate. His blog is chock-full of useful tips, interesting stories and history, and knock-you-over stunning images of Chris’ roses. If you’re looking for inspiration for the garden, The Redneck Rosarian is a perfect place to start. Chris is a gentleman of true elegance. He responds to most of the comments on his blog (and there are a lot), but if you can’t get enough of him you can also join him on Twitter for #rosechat.

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