6 Smart and Simple Drip Irrigation Kits for efficient Watering -

6 Smart and Simple Drip Irrigation Kits for efficient Watering -

Jul 16th 2015

As we pointed out in our previous blog, July is Smart Irrigation Month, a time set aside to bring awareness to the problems presented by worsening drought and a diminishing water supply. It’s also an opportunity for homeowners, landscapers, and farmers to learn about the solutions (such as drip irrigation) that are readily available to provide relief. If you’re new to drip irrigation and wondering how to get started, you won’t find a faster or easier way to get up and running than one of DripWorks’ complete kits. Available in Economy, Standard, and Deluxe versions, each kit is designed for a specific purpose and everything required is included for you to quickly install a drip irrigation system.

Drip Tape Row Crop Kit

Drip Tape Row Crop

Drip tape is an extremely efficient product that works best for long rows on terrain that is relatively flat. All of our low-flow Drip Tape Kits use longer-lasting, 15 mil tape with emitters spaced every 8″ and will cover from 200′-4000’*. If you have row crops these kits are definitely what you need.

*Header Add-On Kits are available in 1/2″ and 3/4″ versions to make dividing your drip tape system into separate watering zones quick and easy.

Garden Bed Kit

Garden Bed

The Garden Bed Kit is perfect for framed or unframed garden beds. It uses Soaker Dripline, 1/4″ tubing with factory-installed emitters spaced at 12″; one of the most versatile drip irrigation products you’ll ever use. Both flexible and versatile, Soaker Dripline can be configured to accommodate a wide range of situations. Use it to water short rows in a bed, circle a potted plant, or spiral it around a small tree or shrub. A non-pressure compensating product, it operates down to 2 PSI, making it ideal for low pressure and gravity fed situations.

Deck Garden Kit

Deck Garden

The Deck Garden Kit includes both 1/4″ Soaker Dripline with emitters spaced every 12″ and 1/2 GPH Pot Drippers. This combination of products can be used to water both large and small planter boxes and containers on a porch or deck. Whether your deck area has just a few flower pots or an entire kitchen garden these kits include everything you need to water 45 to 280 containers of varying sizes.

Rose & Shrub Kit

Rose & Shrub

The Rose & Shrub Kit utilizes Pressure Compensating Shrubblers to insure even watering at all points within your drip irrigation system. Mounted on convenient stakes, these emitters are easy to install and virtually maintenance free. At 30 PSI they output 8 GPH via 8 “fingers” of water that are emitted in a 12″ diameter pattern. As with all our kits, everything you need to water your roses or shrubs is included.

Individual Plant Kit

Individual Plant

Whether you’re looking to water a group of containers or individual landscape plantings, the Individual Plant Kit will meet your needs. Using a variety of 1 GPH, 2 GPH, and 4 GPH Take-Apart-Emitters (aka “Flag Emitters”), the Individual Plant Kit will water from 60 to 240 plants, depending on which version you choose. If you have lots of individual plantings scattered about, this is the kit for you.

Greenhouse Misting Kit

Designed to cover two 4′ x 10′ tables, the Greenhouse Misting Kit* is ideal for seed propagation, foliar watering, and cooling. Each of the ten misters includes an anti-drip device to prevent dripping after the water is turned off. Like our other kits, this one has everything to get your greenhouse going.

*Only one version of this kit is currently available, though it can be easily expanded from 10 to 40 misters.

So if you’re interested in drip irrigation, and looking for a way to get your feet wet, order one these kits and you’ll be watering smart in no time.