Planning Your Holiday Décor

Planning Your Holiday Décor

Dec 6th 2023

The countdown to the holidays is officially on, and you're probably daydreaming about how you'll sprinkle the festive magic over your home. Whether it is delectable food, spending time with loved ones, or displaying all your favorite decorations, Christmas is a time to celebrate all festive things. However, the holiday season would not be the same without decorations. Sparkling Christmas lights, colorful garlands, and whimsical elves add a magical touch to your home and increase your enjoyment.

A well-furnished home is the perfect place to start the holidays. So, it's best to start planning your holiday décor a month or two early, as it makes all the difference. This guide shares the crucial tips and steps to help you plan your holiday décor in time to make the festive season stress-free and easy.

Planning Your Holiday Décor

Let's plan what décor you need to purchase this year to fill gaps from the last holidays.

Look at Inventory of Your Existing Christmas Décor

You do not have to buy all the new stuff. Knowing what décor items, you already have is important, so you don't buy things you already own. This is a great time to look at your existing Christmas décor to avoid unnecessary purchases. Get rid of broken pieces or items you don't need anymore.

Choose Your Style or Color Theme

Choosing a color scheme, style, or theme will simplify your holiday décor shopping and help you stay focused. Additionally, overall themes give your home a unified look.

Traditional décor themes such as red and green with gold accents can never go out of style. You will find tons of decorative elements, textures, and accessories in red, green, and white shades. In addition to these themes, you may choose a rustic theme, retro theme, or single-colored theme, whether red, silver, green or any other color.

Choose a Tree

Next, decide whether you want to make your Christmas tree the focal point of your décor and choose between a natural and artificial tree. Natural evergreen trees will give your home a fresh, woodsy, and natural look but requires more maintenance. On the other hand, artificial trees are easy to install and maintenance-free. Nowadays, white Christmas trees are trendy due to their old-world charm and low maintenance. To create a winter-white vibe indoors, you can choose a white tree and style it easily to make it a showstopper.

Choose Your Outdoor Christmas Décor

Holiday décor does not end with indoor décor or Christmas tree décor. You should make your home's exterior as festive and magical as the inside. There are lots of outdoor Christmas décor ideas. Decorate your front door with wreaths, lanterns, or wrapped packages for seasonal cheer. Moreover, decorate your porch, roof, pathways, windows, and outdoor plants with Christmas lights and ornaments.

Make a Shopping List

Now you have completed your décor inventory, know what theme and colors you want to use, and made a shopping list. It is time to stock up on ribbons, ornaments, wrapping paper, Christmas lights, and greenery. Make sure to get outdoor décor as early as you can because it usually sells out first. Additionally, if you want a tree, add it to the list. You can even shop for gifts now. Shopping early helps you by ensuring availability and the best prices.

Set a Budget

You've made a shopping list; now, make a realistic budget. Calculate the total cost of your entire holiday décor project. This will give you an excellent way to allocate funds for décor. At this point, you may divide your Christmas décor project into smaller phases, depending on your budget. Don't leave a large portion of your budget for impulse shopping. Although it can be tempting to buy those lovely ornaments, you should only buy what you need to protect your wallet.

Assemble Your Items

Choose the best location in your home where you can assemble all holiday décor items and gifts. The space should be convenient for helpers to access. A large bin placed out of the way is perfect. When the items arrive, unpack them, and place them in the bin. Make sure to keep fragile things away from kids.

Holiday Decorations Storage Tips

Here are some expert tips to safely store your Christmas lights, trees, and décor items after the holiday season ends.

  • Store decoration items in a dry, cool place. Avoid places with extreme temperature changes, like the garage or attic.
  • Carefully remove all Christmas lights and ornaments from your Christmas tree and store the tree in the storage bag.
  • Arrange the delicate and smaller ornaments in a clean egg carton and place them in a strong storage box.
  • Wrap Christmas lights around cardboard or put each strand in a plastic bag to prevent tangles. Store all the lights separately in a storage bin.
  • You can store your wreaths in a closet, on a coat rack, or hang from a hook.
  • Lastly, label each bin with the items it contains. This will help you find what you're looking for more easily.

Wrapping Up

Planning your holiday décor on time will make your holiday season stress-free, and you will be able to put up décor more easily. Additionally, your Christmas look will be cohesive, and you can spend more time with your family, creating timeless holiday memories. Since it's Christmas, decorate your home in whatever style that makes you happy. So, don't be late and start planning right now to get your beautiful home into the festive spirit. Happy holidays!

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