Our Experience Leads To Your Success

Our Experience Leads To Your Success

Feb 13th 2017

For 26 years, DripWorks has been the right partner for gardeners of all types because of our focus, experience, and passion. Always supplying the highest quality drip irrigation supplies and great technical support, the mutual loyalty between us and our customers is what makes our business great.

Support is often necessary to set up an efficient drip irrigation system that will save water while ensuring that the garden grows to its fullest. and our annual catalog are very carefully laid out to address every gardener’s needs and make buying the right products as easy as possible.

Founded in 1991 in the basement of one of the three original owner’s home, and now with two distribution points from commercial settings in northern California, DripWorks has had a few mottos that we have stood by. First there was “We make it Simple” and “Your Best Source” that carried DripWorks through the 1990’s, finally for the last 15 years “Quality Drip Irrigation Supplies” has been the line that says it all.

There weren’t many people buying online in 1992. We spent 90% of our marketing budget on advertising in gardening and farming magazines. We would set up booths at expos, shows, and fairs to give out catalogs to potential customers who showed interest.

Through the 1990s we grew to the point where right after launching DripWorks website in 1998, the opportunity surfaced to buy a few flat acres in Willits and build 15,000 feet of office and warehouse space. The next year the internet (remember the “bubble”) and DripWorks took off.

Through the second decade we filled every inch of our buildings, hiring customer service representatives to answer phones, enlarging the scope of the marketing department, and carefully stocking the warehouse. Today more than half of the orders come from DripWorks website. It is easy to navigate, place orders, and is full of great resources about all of the products necessary to set up a system. Here are some of the resources available on our website.

  • Live Chat allows customers to communicate directly with customer service representatives from the website without the need for calling in and speaking to someone over the phone. The chat interface allows the customer to type out their questions and for a Customer Service Representative to type back an answer to their question. It is available for people who have questions about drip irrigation, need recommendations about specific products, or for people who are having challenges setting up their system.
  • How to Videos show drip emitters and sprayers in action, and they show just how simple it is to put together various starter kits. There are customer testimonials, hands on tutorials, demos on how to use some of their tools, large and small liner installation videos, and action videos from some of the product manufacturers.
  • The Drip Planning Guide is a downloadable guide that explains to you the basics of drip irrigation. It’s an understandable “must” for all novices. It will also show you how to plan and set up a garden or farm layout.
  • The Gallery of Plans is a compendium of plans showing line drawings of many different possible drip irrigation setups. Products are listed by name and part number, prices, and even providing an order total that makes the purchasing process very easy.

DripWorks has a long history of providing the highest quality, longest lasting products to customers all over the United States and beyond. They will help you to grow a thriving garden while saving time, water, and money.