How to Remove Drip Irrigation Fittings

Aug 25th 2022

Drip irrigation provides a smart way to save water and help your plants grow healthier. Conserving water will save you money while helping the planet. Growing healthier plants will help make everyone healthier and happier.

Drip irrigation systems are comprised of several parts, the most noticeable of which for most folks the tubing and hoses that transport water to plants. Fittings are small and less noticeable, but they play a key role in the operation of a drip irrigation system.

Drip irrigation fittings come in many sizes and styles. They can be made of various kinds of materials. These small, simple items connect the components of a system and help deliver the water to plants. They can be used to set up a drip irrigation system exactly the way a gardener or farmer wants.

Sometimes fittings must be removed from drip systems. This could be for replacement, repairs, winter weatherization and other reasons. Although drip fittings are easy to install, they can sometimes be more challenging to remove. This is because they are made to fit snug and tight so they will not be easily jarred loose. In addition, dirt, corrosion, and crud can make fittings tough to remove.

Successfully removing drip irrigation fittings doesn’t have to be a hassle, however. A little forethought and planning in the beginning can save a lot of frustration and irritation.

How to Remove Compression Fittings

These common fittings are often made of plastic. They are a cinch to install with clamps.

Getting them off is not much harder. Usually, they will succumb to a little bit of wriggling back and forth with your hands. If the end of the tube is damaged by the encounter, cut off a bit before you install a new fitting. Make the cut as clean and straight as possible.

How to Remove Barbed Fittings

Like a fishhook, barbed fittings are designed to go in easily. Once in, they become difficult to dislodge.

If you want to save the fitting but not the tube, just cut the tubing and heat it with something hot, like hot water or a hair dryer, to cause it to expand. Then twist the tube till it releases the barb.

How to Remove Power-Loc Fittings

These are as easy to remove as compression fittings. Hold the fitting’s top with one hand and the tube with the other. Pull down hard on the fitting and twist until it comes loose.