How to Dog Proof My Sprinklers

How to Dog Proof My Sprinklers

Jun 15th 2023

If your dog loves to dig out, chew or bite your sprinklers, it is an expensive problem. While portable sprinklers can be moved, fixed sprinklers are easy prey. Most dogs enjoy playing with sprinkler systems that can damage a crucial part of the irrigation system.

Not only can it be frustrating, but it also causes costly sprinkler repairs. So, how can you dog-proof your sprinklers if your pup loves to play with them like toys? There are several solutions to dog-proofing your sprinkler heads.

Understand Your Dog Behavior

Before we dive into the solutions, let's tell you another important thing. As a gardener and pet owner, you need to understand your dog's behaviors. There may be some reasons why your dog is attacking sprinklers. Dogs like fresh cool water on hot days. So usually, they are having fun with the cooling spray of the sprinkler, which they like to bark at or chase.

However, if your pup is actively biting the sprinkler head, they might be bored. Besides, they may be thirsty if they dig up sprinklers and try to drink water from them. So, try to understand the reason behind your dog's behavior so you can work through solutions and dog-proof your sprinklers.

Here are the simple and effective ways to stop this behavior and keep your pup away from sprinklers.

Use Repellents on Sprinkler Heads

Dogs chew sprinklers because it is enjoyable. You can apply repellants on sprinkler heads to keep dogs away. There are various repellants in the pet store that are safe for both humans and animals. Some popular ones include pepper sauce spray and bitter apple spray. You can also use vinegar and lemon juice.

Apply these bitters on sprinklers and let your dog chew the heads so they can find out they are gross. The taste will be unappealing to your pup's taste buds which will make them avoid chewing the heads. However, you'll need to reapply these repellents after using sprinklers or if it rains.

Train Your Dogs

Another way to dog proof your sprinklers is to train your dog's not to go near sprinklers. Start keeping your dog on a short leash around sprinkler heads. If they try to approach the sprinklers, give a gentle pull on the leash, and say no. Teach your pup basic commands like "sit" and "heel" to prevent this behavior.

Praise him when he follows your orders and avoids sprinkler heads. Cease praise when he approaches irrigation. By praising him and then removing it, you teach your dog not to enter the exclusion zone. This little trick is like punishing your dog, which will lead them to stay away from irrigation, and they will understand that sprinkles aren't meant to be played with.

Offer Alternatives

You will discover that your dog is attracted to sprinklers because they are bored, and they enjoy playing with water. One of the great ways to dog-proof your sprinklers is to offer alternative water resources to your dogs. Some dogs prefer to drink fresh water that is actively flowing. For it, you can take a water dish that flows so your dog can drink water from it. In addition, you can set up a kiddie pool for your dog's where they can cool off and play.

If your dog constantly chews heads, it means they love chewing. So, give them a different chewing toy that is more enjoyable so they can stay away from sprinklers. Also, make sure your pup is receiving adequate exercise by taking them on long walks and running. By tiring them, you can keep their attention off the sprinklers, and they will have less energy to dig out.

Keep Dogs away

When nothing else works, using physical barriers is the simplest way to keep your dog away from the sprinkler system. For example, consider putting up a fence around your sprinkler system to protect it. Dogs will not be able to approach sprinklers if you put fencing. However, if you've underground sprinklers, make sure to cover them from the top.

Moreover, you can keep your pup away from sprinklers by using scary objects. You can put a statue or picture of a predator that scares them near the sprinkler head. Additionally, you can use a motion-activated sprinkler to scare your dog and keep him away. Most importantly, make sure that objects are safe for humans and pets.

Get Doggy Sprinklers

A great way to dog proofing your sprinkler system is by getting a separate fun sprinkler for your pup. In summer, dogs love to play around with water as they spend time outside. During this hot period, keep your dog, and yourself chill and ease their boredom with some doggy sprinklers.

Splash pads are best to use as they combine both sprinkler and kiddie pool without a wall. Dogs can come and go when they want and enjoy themselves while staying cool. You can get amazing doggy sprinklers of different designs.

The Bottom Line

As a gardener, dog-proofing your sprinklers is essential for your irrigation system, your plants, and your cute pup. Try the above solutions to keep your dog's away from the sprinkler system. Don't allow your dog easy and unsupervised access to sprinklers. The unsupervised dog can break your sprinklers by chewing or digging.

Also, make sure your dog's water bowl is full of clean, cool water so he isn't attracted to your sprinkler system. Use chewing toys and other fun activities to ease your dog's boredom and keep him away. Finally, regularly check out sprinkler heads to make sure they are in good condition.

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