How to Choose the right Security Lights for Your Home

How to Choose the right Security Lights for Your Home

Sep 21st 2023

Home security is an essential consideration while planning your landscape. Lighting up your home and yard can be a great way to deter potential security risks. Most security lighting is made of relatively bright bulbs mounted high on an exterior wall to cover a wide area. Another helpful feature that is common is motion-activated lights that come on if someone passes nearby the light sensor, but these are not essential to keep your property secured. Keep reading on to discover how to choose the right security lights for your home.

Why Are Security Lights Important?

Before investing in security lights, you may be wondering if the investment is worth it. There are a few important reasons why security lights are worthwhile to consider. First, security lights add to the aesthetic appeal of your home. If you spend a lot of time outdoors in the evening and at night, security lights can also help you and your guests navigate around safely. Good lighting can allow residents to identify elevation changes and possible obstructions in their path.

Importantly, security lights can also deter trespassers. Burglaries happen more often in homes that appear to be unoccupied, so having lights outside signals to everyone that someone is likely home. Motion-activated lights can surprise potential intruders as well, making it less likely they will follow through with a break-in because they are suddenly visible from windows and to any neighbors nearby.

Benefits of Security Lights

Security lighting is a relatively simple and affordable way to increase the security around your home. With a little bit of patience, many people could figure out how to install the lights on their own, saving more money in the process. Security lights increase visibility across your property, which is beneficial for many of the reasons listed above. If you aren't home, motion-activated lights can also alert your neighbors to any suspicious activity around your house. And one of the most important benefits of all is that increased visibility can lead to increased peace of mind, regardless of other external factors.

What To Look for In Security Lights

Before making your investment, there are a few things to consider. First, be sure to choose security lights that put the light exactly where you need it. We will talk more about the different types of security lights below but be sure to consider your needs first and foremost. You may want floodlights to illuminate an entire area or simple area lights to brighten up one specific place.

Ensure that the light fixtures you get are made to be outdoors. Because of the potential for inclement weather, outdoor light fixtures must be made with specific materials or treated with a special coating in order to stay outside full time. Energy efficient lighting is important as well to reduce your electricity use and electric bill. Another consideration is finding lights that match the existing style of your home. This may be more important to some people than others, but it's always a good thing to keep in mind.

Types of Security Lights

There are a wide variety of lights available to meet your specific needs and specifications of your property. One of the best places to start is to invest in high quality path lights, like these LED Aluminum Path Lights. Path lights offer great visibility for people walking around your property and can help prevent any falls. Another good option includes the Corona Path Light in Antique Bronze. Step lights are a great alternative to consider to light up any stairs leading to your home.

Spotlights are another lighting option that are typically used to highlight specific features around the house including trees or patios. These lights have the benefit of being dual purpose, illuminating the beauty in your yard and adding extra light for greater visibility and security purposes.

When thinking about security lights, most people think of floodlights. These emit the most amount of light and cover the greatest amount of space in a yard or driveway. It's best to try and avoid placing floodlights right outside your bedroom window or in a place that could shine into your neighbor's windows because they can be very bright.

Other Ways to Increase Security

Security cameras can be another beneficial part of your security system. Cameras can also deter potential trespassers, and if any trouble comes around it can be recorded for a later date. If you are ever gone on vacation, indoor security lights can be beneficial as well. Indoor lights on a timer will ensure your home maintains the appearance of being occupied. Other helpful steps include making sure your doors are locked at night and whenever you aren't home and installing an alarm system.