How To Attract Birds to Your Garden

How To Attract Birds to Your Garden

Sep 14th 2023

Attracting birds to your garden can provide a handful of benefits that contribute to making your outdoor space flourish. This article will discuss why attracting birds is so beneficial and how you can go about doing it.

What are the benefits of attracting birds to your garden?

Pest control

Many bird species can provide natural pest control by consuming large amounts of insects. Inviting birds to your outdoor space helps keep bugs in check, decreasing the need for harsh chemical pesticides.

Plant diversity

Birds contribute to plant diversity and preserve the health of ecosystems. Birds act as pollinators and seed dispersers for many plants. The more birds in your yard the better.


Birdwatching can be a fantastic pastime and even an avid hobby – all from your own back garden!


Supporting birds and attracting them to your landscape can indirectly improve bird conversation efforts. In addition to habitat loss and climate change, birds face numerous challenges and threats. Help birds by providing food, water, and a safe place in your garden.


On the surface level, birds simply add beauty and color to your space – what’s not to love about seeing bright blue jays or red robins?

How to attract birds to your garden

Now that you know how beneficial it can be to attract birds to your garden, perhaps it’s worth learning how to do it.

Offer food

One of the simplest ways to attract birds is via food. You can use a range of bird supplies, such as bird feeders, cages, and bird suet cakes, to fulfil this strategy. Remember – different birds have different dietary preferences, so using a more comprehensive range of food can appeal to more species of birds. Furthermore, different feeder types can also accommodate different bird feeding styles. Just ensure you clean your feeders regularly to avoid spreading disease.

Offer a water source

Providing a bird bath or other reliable water source can attract birds since they rely on it for drinking and bathing. Just like feeders, you should keep your bird table healthy.

Build a birdhouse

Building a birdhouse is a fun project and can provide birds with opportunities to nest. Keep the target species’ size in mind when considering your birdhouse’s dimensions.

Add native plants

Native trees, flowers, and shrubs can make your garden a popular destination for birds because they offer species shelter for nesting sites, which is critical during harsh weather conditions. Native plants can also provide valuable food sources like winter berries or springtime seeds. Also, choosing plants that attract common pollinators will attract birds as other potential food sources. Check out our gardening blog for advice on planting throughout the seasons.

Stop using pesticides

Pesticides can be toxic to birds and the food sources they consume. You could switch to natural pest control methods if you wish to keep insects at bay.

Creating a welcoming environment for birds is possible – you just have to be patient. While it may take a bit of time for birds to discover the true beauty of your garden, consistency is critical. Check out our videos for even more gardening guidance!