How can Landscape lighting add value to your home?

How can Landscape lighting add value to your home?

Aug 8th 2023

The right landscape lighting can add a lot of value to your home in a variety of ways. It isn't just a great way to accentuate your home's architecture but is also important for the safety and security of your home. In addition to providing quick benefits in the form of security, ambiance, and aesthetic appeal, landscape lighting has a powerful impact on boosting property value and improving your home's curb appeal.

Quality outdoor lighting leads to attractive landscaping, which is key to selling a house. If you're planning to sell your house in the future, consider installing the proper landscape lighting to look forward to a more excellent resell price. Good and professionally designed lighting will make your home stand out in your neighborhood and attract more potential buyers.

Here is how quality landscape lighting can increase the value of your home and add to the curb appeal of your property.

Enhance Safety and Security

When it comes to your home, a sense of safety and security comes first on the list. Outdoor lighting is imperative to make your home safer and an undesirable target for burglars. Houses with proper illumination and motion detector lights deter criminals. Additionally, properly placed landscape lighting makes sure your visitors easily walk through the front door to your home at night without any risk of an accident.

Lighting on stairway steps can ensure you can use stairs safely, even at night. Also, it can make your yard a safe place to play for your kids after the sun goes down. Path lighting, entrance lighting, and floodlighting in darker areas can make your home safer and calm a lot of fears for new home buyers, adding to the value of your home in general. So, light up your backyard and other areas, such as gazebos, sheds, or garages.

Highlight the Home's Exterior Architecture

Outdoor lighting enhances the architectural beauty of your home, making it appear more stunning. You can use uplights to highlight architectural details, including walls, pillars, or gazebos with shadow and light. The right amount of light can also silhouette other landscaping features, such as statues, to make your house look more appealing.

Moreover, use landscape lighting to lighten up plants in your yard to create a focal point and increase interest for visitors. Install downlights up in trees or walls that cast soft light downwards, resembling moonlight. However, if you have a unique front door, highlight it with subtle lighting to make it a magnificent showpiece for interested buyers.

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Adds Aesthetic Appeal

Proper lighting can help you show off your aesthetics and create a gorgeous pattern in your landscaping. Every home has a particular aesthetic charm, and you should enhance that aesthetic with your lighting. Well-placed landscaping lights help you appreciate the beauty of your garden and home in all seasons. They highlight landscaping and other features that appeal to the visual senses and motivate buyers.

Choose sculptured light shades, wall-mounted lamps, and underground LED lights on the deck, patio, and driveways to make your property look more attractive. Entrance lighting can make your home more elegant. Replace outdoor fixtures and add small spotlighting to give your home a new and improved charm. For more aesthetic appeal, place underwater lights in the pool and other water features. Additionally, make sure you're selecting the lighting with the correct color temperature because too much bright light can take away the appeal of your home. The more attractive the home's exterior is, the higher the price your house will sell for.

Allows you to use Outdoor space at night

In addition to adding aesthetics and enhancing security, install landscape lighting for enjoyment and entertainment. Outdoor lighting allows you to use your well-lit outdoor space (porch, lawn, or backyard) even after dusk. Whether you want to relax in a haven, enjoy barbecues with friends, or carry out other fun activities in your yard, landscape lighting can make it all possible. You can adjust the brightness of the light or turn on a small light for a relaxing mood.

In addition, you may let your kids enjoy their outdoor activities even at night. You can hold movie nights, camping, pool parties, or simple beer parties by turning on soft track lights. Having an outdoor space in your home that is also usable after the sun goes down can surge its value more.

Improve Curb Appeal

If you want to enhance your home's curb appeal, you can't go wrong with well-placed outdoor lighting. Nothing sells better than a home where buyers picture themselves having a party with their friends and family in an outdoor living space. Professionally installed lighting can set the tone for every element of your backyard and make it look welcoming and warm to buyers. It provides pleasing illumination that brightens up the lawn, pavement, fences, and other features of your home.

However, choose the lighting based on style and outdoor setup to boost curb appeal. Whether you have a pergola or garden shed, landscape lighting can make these outdoor structures more appealing and visible. Landscaping lighting also adds warmth and coziness to your home. You may choose white or natural light if you want an ordinary exterior look. However, if you prefer making your home's exterior more unique, you may opt for yellowish light. This lighting provides warmth and a comforting ambiance.

Use minor lights for smaller areas and bigger ones for wider spaces. Winter season needs brighter light because snow can cause darkness and more shadow. In contrast, you should install lights with dimmers in the spring and summer seasons.

The Bottom Line

Landscape lighting is an essential feature of your house if you want to boost the value of your home. While installing landscape lighting may seem like a big investment initially, its benefits are unmatched. The above points will help you understand how modern outdoor lighting adds significant value to your home.

Good outdoor lighting is an excellent investment for homeowners, making a huge difference when you go to sell your home. However, the lighting should help with safety and security, add aesthetics, be energy-efficient, increase curb appeal, and enhance the beauty of your home so that you get a good return on investment. Install quality landscape lighting to make your home look more inviting and stunning!

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