Best Plants to Grow in a Greenhouse

Best Plants to Grow in a Greenhouse

May 25th 2021

Greenhouses have long been staples for nurseries and commercial growers. They allow these pros to grow a large and steady supply of plants year-round.

But the benefits of greenhouses have made them increasingly popular among home gardeners too. Besides extending your growing season by letting you control heat and humidity; a good greenhouse offers other perks.

It allows you to control a plant’s environment and prevent the spread of disease and invasion by pests and insects. If you have a valuable crop, a greenhouse can protect it from four-footed critters like deer and rabbits as well as bipedal pests like thieves.

Virtually anything you grow outdoors can grow inside a greenhouse or high tunnel, which is essentially an inexpensive greenhouse with fewer features. If you are wondering about the best plants to grow in a greenhouse, DripWorks is here to help. Read on for our suggestions on the top plants for a greenhouse.

Greenhouse Flowers and Ornamental Plants

Nothing chases away a case of the winter blues faster than colorful, beautiful flowers and plants. Many varieties smell as lovely as they look, making them truly a feast for the senses.

Salvia, a type of ornamental sage, is great for greenhouses. A member of the mint family, it smells wonderful. Salvia plants produce spikes of beautiful, bright blooms.

You can grow many other types of flowers and ornamentals in your greenhouse during the off-season that you would grow outside in better weather. Just a few good options include geraniums, impatiens, and petunias.

If you love the festive look of poinsettias, these also are ideal for greenhouse growing. Keep some in your greenhouse to celebrate Christmas.

Ferns are beautifully shaped and delicately colored but can be tricky to grow. Because you can control the microclimate in your greenhouse, consider raising some finicky ferns in it. They will reward you with lush green foliage and fascinating, fine displays.

Because you can keep it as hot and humid as you like in your greenhouse, don’t forget tropical plants. Beautiful orchids are one possibility. Fascinating carnivorous plants like Venus flytraps are another. Dial down the humidity but keep the temperature up to grow prickly cacti in your greenhouse.

Greenhouse Fruits and Vegetables

Just because its winter does not mean you have to settle for the cardboard taste of most produce sold at typical supermarkets. Continue to grow your own fruits and veggies year-round in your greenhouse for optimal taste, tenderness, freshness, and nutrition.

Warm-weather fruits and veggies are top picks for greenhouse growing. Prime candidates include tomatoes, cucumbers and summer or winter squash. Eggplants are another good bet.

Are you dreaming about those muskmelons and cantaloupes you feasted on last summer? Turn your dreams into reality off-season by growing some in your greenhouse.

Do not forget peppers, which love sun and heat. Whether your tastebuds lean to the mild or wild, you can grow anything from bell peppers to habanero peppers in your greenhouse.

In courts in France, those of royal blood used to keep orangeries to grow oranges throughout the weather. You can also grow citrus fruits fit for a king or queen in your greenhouse. Oranges, lemons, and grapefruits are all good choices.

If you live in a frigid climate, you can also continue to enjoy fresh, healthy greens and vegetables throughout the winter. Lettuce, spinach, kale, and mustard greens will all thrive in a greenhouse. You can grow other cool weather crops there too, like carrots, beets, peas, and broccoli.

For a long-term addition, consider asparagus. These plants can provide you a continual crop for up to two decades.

Greenhouse Herbs

Given all the fresh food you will be growing, you will want to have some herbs and spices on hand. Beat high grocery costs by growing your own. You will also boost the flavor of the dishes you make and provide you and your family better nutrition with fresh herbs.

Anything you can grow outdoors will grow in a greenhouse. Try mint, rosemary, and sage as well as thyme, parsley, and cilantro.

If you have a cat, do not forget to plant some catnip. Fluffy will love you for it.