Best Lawn Sprinklers for 2023

Best Lawn Sprinklers for 2023

Oct 11th 2023

Vibrant, healthy lawns are the epitome of summer. Whether you like to play sports, barbeque, host parties or lounge around, lawns are the perfect place to do it. To keep your lawn green and growing the whole summer long, lawn sprinklers are the way to go. Read on to learn about some of the best lawn sprinklers you can get for your landscape in 2023.

Types of Lawn Sprinklers

There are a wide variety of sprinkler types available depending on your budget, timeline and how long you plan to stay in one place.

First, there is the oscillating sprinkler. Simply connect it to a hose and move it wherever you need it to go. Oscillating sprinklers move back and forth in two directions, though there is often overlap in all four. Similarly, rotating sprinklers also need to be moved manually to each area of the yard that needs watering, but the sprinkler head spins in circles instead of back and forth. These typically don’t work the best for irregularly shaped lawns, though if you move it often enough you should be able to cover every area that you need to.

With only a small area to water, you could also consider a stationary sprinkler, also known as a spot sprinkler. These typically come with one pre-set pattern, are relatively inexpensive and are hard to break. If you only use the stationary sprinkler in one place, there is a tendency to develop puddles.

The next type of sprinkler to consider is the impact sprinkler, which makes the quintessential click-click-click sound while it's operating. These sprinklers send water out over far distances, which is why they are typically used for public parks. This range requires high water pressures however, so that is an important note to keep in mind. These are also only to be used for established lawns because the high-pressured water could disturb recently seeded areas.

In-ground sprinklers are a good option for those who are planning to stay in the same place for a long time. This system requires installation underground, so it is a bit difficult to change your mind after it is in place. However, it is an excellent choice for irregularly shaped yards because you can place each sprinkler where it is needed most. In ground sprinklers can also be stationary or pop-up, which allows them to go back underground after use.

In-ground sprinklers typically come in two options: conventional and matched precipitation (MP) sprinklers. MP rotator sprinklers use much less water than conventional sprinklers because the low precipitation rate and rotating streams allow the ground to absorb more water and reduce runoff. MP sprinklers are more waterwise than their conventional counterparts. Hunter and K-Rain have a few different options available for those looking to pick out their new sprinkler system.

Finally, you could choose a traveling sprinkler. Powered by water pressure, traveling sprinklers move around your yard to slowly water it. Most look-like little tractors, and they eliminate the need for you to go manually move the sprinkler every time an area is done being watered. The water typically comes out of a rotating sprinkler head on top of the slow-moving tractor.

Here are some of the best options to choose for your lawn sprinkler in 2023. By comparing all these different types, you can now go and make an informed choice that will keep your grass green all summer long.