7 Awesome Tips to Renovate Your Garden on a Budget

7 Awesome Tips to Renovate Your Garden on a Budget

Apr 16th 2024

Renovation can help revitalize your garden and maintain a perfect aesthetic for visitors. Besides mirroring your style, this neat, well-kept space improves curb appeal, makes your home look more attractive, and increases property value well above 10%.

In this blog, explore unique garden ideas on a budget and see how you can save money during renovation. Whether planting gorgeous green plants or repainting your walls and fences, you will find a low-cost alternative to meet your needs here.

How to Get Started?

Renovation can seem daunting, especially for a beginner. Where is the best place to start, and how can you achieve more value with fewer resources? Find out below.

1. Do Research

Acting on pure instinct and reflex with surface-level knowledge is not worth your time, effort, and money in the long run. Learn about cheap garden ideas from an experienced lot and compare different products and prices before taking a concrete step.

2. Plan

Planning is crucial to execute a budget-friendly makeover in your garden. Make a checklist of all the changes you want to get made. Assess the importance and urgency of each task and prioritize them accordingly for smooth progress.

3. Set a Budget

Keep a realistic budget in mind to avoid misspending and make informed choices as you progress. This will help you save capital and create a classy ambiance without overspending.

7 Awesome Tips and On-Budget Garden Ideas for Renovation

How do you freshen your garden and add low-cost visual elements without compromising the style? Read the following section to uncover the tips and tricks.

1. Level the Grass

Not only are rough and bumpy lawns an eyesore, but they also pose severe potential harm to your garden. Home to weeds, infestations, and intense water logging, this uneven grass area should be first on your list to renovate.

To prepare the ground for the rototiller, do the necessary trimming and remove debris. Before you start, the ground should have a moderate amount of moisture to get the best results from a rototiller. If the soil clumps together, it's too dry. Water the area and allow the moisture to soak into the ground. If the ground is muddy, it's too wet. Allow the ground to dry until the soil breaks up easily. After rototilling the lawn, take a few minutes to go over the surface with a rake. Ensure you haven't missed anything and that the surface is smooth and debris-free.

The time of the year you opt for leveling should align with the type of grass in your garden. For most grass types, early spring or fall is for cool-season grasses like Kentucky, and summer is for warm-season grasses like Bermuda.

2. Experiment with Paint

Painting your garden walls and fences can dramatically change their appearance. Besides serving as a lovely backdrop for greenery, it adds immense visual appeal to the look and style of your garden. The golden rule here is to pick shades that fit the existing color schemes of your architecture.

Elegant hues include fawn, brown, and black combinations, while animated tones are bright yellow, blue, and pastel pink. Take inspiration from DIY projects and invest in suitable paint rollers or brushes to get started.

3. Add Life with Greenery

Beautiful, lush plants can make your garden feel fresher and more homely. A few ways to stay on budget while adding more greenery to your garden are shopping in discount grocery stores, dividing your perennials, and trading plants with friends. Some of the best plant options to consider are:

  • Potted plants with herbs like rosemary, thyme, mint, or sage
  • Fast-growing garden border plants like petunias or marigolds
  • Raised garden beds in the front yards, back yards, or patios
  • Perennial plants like chrysanthemums to split and multiply yield
  • Vines or climbing plants like rose, wisteria, and jasmine in trellis

Some plants are introverted — quiet and calm — others are more extroverted — bold and fierce in color. Remember your garden layout and select the kind of plants to match its vibe. For example, vibrant flowers best complement a cottage theme, while heavy feeders are ideal for a meditation-style garden.

4. Recycle Wooden Pallets

Consider repairing, repurposing, and recycling wooden pallets for your garden. These DIY innovations will serve as outdoor furniture and give your space a traditional look. Utilize them as birdhouses fixed on a wall or stack them together to form classy planters. You can also turn them into a compost bin or garden shelves to place decorative items.

If the pellet is too old to utilize, you can even raze it down and create mulch for your soil. Other feasible options include a cute garden cart, a pretty bench, or border for your small garden.

5. Thrift Shop Old Furniture

From old metal chairs and pots to unique handmade articles, every piece of vintage furniture can add depth and personality to your garden. Thrift shop from reliable places or repurpose your house furniture.

Numerous cheap but elegant outdoor furniture alternatives can include:

  • Antique rakes and shovels on a wall
  • Retro-style small gardening sculptures
  • Victorian white chairs and glass table
  • Round and square copper bird baths
  • Mini wooden swing

6. Install Attractive Pavers

Attractive outdoor pavers at the front can reshape and glam your garden instantly. They make a sturdy walkway and structure your space to look better. While pavers come in a variety of shapes and materials, you can always choose them based on your personal preference. Some factors that can affect your choice are garden size, color scheme, and potential budget.

Big paving slabs are perfect for spacious gardens, giving ample floor space for walking. Natural stone pavers or pebbles are a good option if you are looking for a more sleek and monotone appearance for small gardens. You can also opt for concrete as it is the cheapest alternative to gravel and other reclaimed materials in stores.

7. Give an Intimate Touch

Adding personal tones and tints can make all the difference when renovating your garden. Adding landscape lights to highlight trees, shrubs, and pathways is a great option to beautify your space quickly. Add string lights to trees, around decks, and gathering areas for a festive feel.

Remember, garden renovation is a journey, not a destination. Taking your time and making thoughtful choices along the way is the key to creating a nurturing, inviting, and lasting space.

The Bottom Line

Garden renovation is never a quick fix. It is a gradual process where you piece together the bits and pieces and enjoy the creativity coming together. You can achieve excellent results with a mindful approach, a bit of effort, and the right gardening tools.

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