5 Plants That Can Improve Your Health

5 Plants That Can Improve Your Health

May 4th 2023

When buying houseplants, most of us prioritize their green factor, maintenance requirements, aesthetics, and overall loveliness. Those are obvious things to consider, but there is another crucial aspect we forget while shopping for an ideal houseplant, Health Benefits! Some plants aren't just lovely to have in your home, but they also offer numerous health and wellness benefits. Such plants can magically improve your health by clearing the air of hazardous chemicals and making your environment ideally pure. A nice-looking houseplant is great, but a beautiful plant that also works wonders for your health and wellness as you go about your routine is even better.

Although good health depends highly on diet and exercise, your environment plays a key role in affecting your health. An unideal environment can cause long-term discomfort and health issues. Fortunately, the right houseplant can make a massive difference in helping you to solve common health issues. Bringing certain healthy houseplants into your home can reduce stress and naturally improve your sleep quality, breathing, and overall wellness.

Here are the five plants to consider that will inject natural beauty into your home and improve your health and well-being by keeping pollution out of your home. These low-maintenance plants are easy to grow, easy to care for, look beautiful in the house and help naturally improve your health and wellness.


Lavender is a beautiful plant that is popular for its gentle and pleasing fragrance, violet flowers, and silvery foliage. The calming aroma of this flowering plant offers stress-relieving benefits and treats various ailments such as skin irritations, headaches, and respiratory problems. Besides being a staple household herb for an herb garden or kitchen, lavender is a perfect houseplant. You can place this beautiful houseplant anywhere in your home. However, keeping the lavender plant in your bedroom helps you sleep better and soothe sleeplessness, anxiety, nervousness, and depression.

The aroma of lavender is widely used in spa products, soaps, skincare items, bath salts, and candles. Moreover, keep this beauty in the window with lots of sunshine because it loves the sunlight. In addition, it needs deep watering, but only water your plant when the soil is about to dry. This houseplant is perfect if you want to add a beautiful and calming touch to your home.

Snake Plants

The snake plant is another excellent houseplant well-known for improving indoor air quality. This plant works at night by converting carbon dioxide into oxygen. Keeping snake plants like The Quinn in the bedroom can help improve your sleep, reduce stress, and spark creativity. Snake plants remove all sorts of chemicals from the air and help improve your health and wellness. Therefore, you should keep a few snake plants around your home to filter your air properly.

The best part is that snake plants are low-maintenance and considered the easiest to care for. Snaky, pretty, minimalist, and jungle-like, these houseplants are perfect for adding natural beauty to your house and keeping you and your loved ones healthy. The slender leaves of these houseplants stretch up towards the roof and create a striking design in your home. Snake plants don't require so much watering, and they grow better when you let them dry a little between watering.


Rosemary is a popular culinary herb that has been used in medicine for centuries. This houseplant is a powerful remedy for improving concentration and focus. Keeping a rosemary plant in your at-home office or home is best for a mental boost due to its beauty and healing effects. Rosemary plants contain anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties that can help boost immunity and improve digestion. Just smelling this houseplant has been proven to perform better and improve your memory.

Furthermore, this beloved herb is known to add flavors to your dishes. Like Lavender, Rosemary is also a Mediterranean plant that doesn't require overwatering and loves sunshine. Also, this house plant is easier to grow and doesn't require much maintenance. So, put it in place with bright sunlight and trim a rosemary plant after its flowers bloom.

Aloe Vera

The aloe vera plant is a stylish addition to your home. This succulent plant has powerful healing and aesthetic properties. For centuries, Aloe vera has been used as a natural remedy for skin burns, skin irritation, and internal uses. However, this cute and easy-going plant offers various health benefits by just growing in your room. Even if you've no skin issues, the house plant is great at purifying the air. It absorbs chemicals from the air that can come from cleaning agents, paints, and other items.

The gel-like substance inside its leaves is naturally antibacterial and full of vitamins. So, it can be applied directly to the skin to soothe burns and treat minor cuts, cold sores, and psoriasis. In a nutshell, this green plant is an all-around great houseplant for health and wellness. The aloe vera loves sunny spots and requires deep watering.


This bountiful and lush fern is studied by NASA for its power to purify the air. If you live in a place with humidity problems, Boston Fern is the ideal houseplant to bring to your home. Known as a natural humidifier, Fern is the best air-purifying houseplant that removes compounds like formaldehyde, plastics, smoke, and unwanted toxins from the air. These harmful toxins are absorbed by the leaves of ferns and turned into materials that these plants can use for their own growth.

Due to its air-purifying properties, Fern offers health benefits to people suffering from dry skin, dry noses, or throats. Also, this plant looks super stylish and brings lovely forest vibes to your home with its lush, bushy leaves. They are one of the top houseplants that offer wellness and health benefits. Lastly, Boston Fern is easy to care for and prefers indirect sunlight, but you should check it regularly and keep it moist.

The Bottom Line

Never underestimate the power of what a beautiful houseplant can do for your health. These 5 low-maintenance plants can help purify the air you breathe and improve your overall health. Being in an environment with these plants can significantly make a positive impact on your health. Bring some of these pretty plants this summer to beautify your home and reap their health rewards.

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