2015 Heirloom Exposition – Pure Food for the World

2015 Heirloom Exposition – Pure Food for the World

Sep 1st 2015

The sights and sounds of the 5th annual National Heirloom Exposition are just around the corner. The expo’s mission: to reconnect us to the pure, healthful food of our heritage. The world is being taken over by national and multinational corporations, whose reach has not just extended into the food industry but appears to have taken it over. The goal of these corporations is to make the most money for their shareholders, not to provide nutritious food for our health.

Chemicals in Our Food

Naturally pollinated by wind, insects, bats, and birds, heirloom plants were cultivated by the early farmers and homesteaders over many centuries. Now these plants are in jeopardy as pollination is becoming more difficult due to rampant chemical usage on farms, along highways, and in residential areas, killing not just weeds but pollinating insects and birds as well. The herbicide Roundup is sold and used everywhere these days to kill weeds as though it is safe. It’s not! Roundup resistant crops and seeds have been developed in chemical company labs to allow farmers to spray much higher doses of their chemicals onto crops, killing weeds but not the food crop. The grocery stores then sell this food to us.


GMO foods have been developed to withstand much larger doses of herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, and other chemicals; additives which are then consumed by all of us. Wholesome foods that have been around for centuries are being replaced by genetically modified

foods that are more convenient to industrialized farming; foods that are purported to have higher yields, uniform appearance, longer shelf life, and can be shipped farther without ripening too fast. Despite all these so called “benefits”, chances are it won’t taste as good or be as nutritious as the heirloom varieties that are available.

Baker Creek Seed Company

Jere Gettle planted his first garden at 3 years old and by age 17 had founded Baker Creek Seed Company and printed its first catalog. Since then Jere and his wife, Emilee, have made it their mission to promote healthy living through sustainable gardening practices. Their goal is broadening awareness of the potentially harmful effects of GMOs, unorthodox hybridization techniques, and industrialized farming practices that compromise the environment, the quality of the food we eat, and place our health at risk.

The National Heirloom Exposition

Thousands of pounds of heirloom produce and 2,000 varieties of fruits and vegetables from all over northern California comprises the largest and most comprehensive display of fruits and vegetable you’ll ever see. Scheduled events include produce competitions, a flower show, a poultry contest, heritage livestock exhibits and presentations by 125 world renowned speakers on a wide range of related subjects. In addition, 350 natural food vendors and gardening exhibitors will make this an entertaining, informative and colorful event.

With all the incredible food displays one might think the whole point of the event is to show off the myriad varieties of tomatoes. And while the almost unbelievable varieties of fruits and vegetables are definitely impressive, the true goal of the exposition is to raise awareness of the importance of heirloom crops and protect their existence, ensuring a nutritious food supply for future generations.

It seems like growing what’s best for our bodies should be a given, but it isn’t. Instead we are being used as unwitting human guinea pigs on a daily basis, blithely consuming genetically modified foods and untested chemicals. The Heirloom Expo is your chance to learn about alternative choices, have fun, enjoy fabulous food, and meet others that are passionate about safeguarding our food heritage, and our future. DripWorks will be there to show how we can help you grow better food more efficiently. Stop by and see us!