Barbed Valve

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  • Federico - Apr 4th 2021

    Great Product

    It worked for me. Quality fitting and customer service is excellent

  • Richard - Jun 24th 2020

    Great Valve for Drip System

    Great valve ...1/2" barb very easy to patch into lines, works perfectly.

  • Bruce - Jun 3rd 2020

    Quality and service

    Quality products and excellent service

  • John - Jul 10th 2017

    Barbed 1/2 inch valve

    The barbed valve is easier to turn than the easy loc valve. Also, the easy loc handle breaks when stepped on.

  • lance barker - Jul 7th 2014

    work great

    I have dozens of these in my system, in a HARD freeze winter area. open them all for winter and no problem.clamp them on with boss12 crimping clamps

  • Hewood W Fleisig - Apr 26th 2014

    Not frostproof

    Installed these in Maryland outside of DC. Despite draining the system, all four valves fell apart (literally!) during the winter, with a couple of hard freezes. Lose the value of the valve, plus cost of reinstallation. What junk! The Barbed Valves do not freeze and become damaged if they are completely free of excess water. When freezing weather occurs, please make sure the valves are in open position and remain in open position, this way you can guarantee the water is completely drained. Our guess is that you had the valve in the closed position with water still trapped on one side. We sell thousands of these valves each year. It is on a rare occasion that we receive complaints on this product. Thank you for your review, our technician will be contacting you shortly.


A higher pressure full port valve fitting with barbed ends. Hose clamps must be used for oval hose or for poly tubing if the pressure is greater than 20 PSI.

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