Barbed Fittings - Economy Line

Barbed Fittings - Economy Line

  • 1/2" Barb x FHT $1.09 BFH
  • 1/2" Barbed Elbow $0.69 BL
  • 1/2" Barbed Plug $0.42 BPAN
  • 1/2" Barbed Tee $0.78 BT
  • 3/4" Barb x FHT $1.19 BFH34
  • 3/4" Barbed Elbow $0.89 BL34
  • 3/4" Barbed Plug Economy Line $0.54 BPAN34
  • 3/4" Barbed Tee $1.19 BT34
  • 1/2" Barbed Coupler $0.49 BC
  • 3/4" Barbed Coupler $0.59 BC34

These lighter duty double barb style fittings will hold up to 20 PSI without hose clamps when used on drip tubing. Barbed fittings may come in black, grey, white or brown and are made of plastic.

Customer Reviews

3/4” barb T fittings
The fittings work great. Arrive fast and the counts are right!
1/2" barbed elbows
These 1/2" barbed elbows don't fit right. They are either too tight or too loose to use with 1/2" low pressure plastic tubing.
Drip irrigation
I have been using Dripworks products for years in my personal garden and have been very satisfied with their quality and durability at 7700 ft. in the mountains of Colorado. Due to well issues, I pump water into a holding tank and then it is gravity fed down to my garden. With a heavy straw mulch I don't need nearly as much water in our drought. The website makes it easy to order parts and I especially like being able to order year round.
Barbed Fittings
Good products, easy to find, and timely delivery.

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