Barbed Couplers

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  • William - Jul 14th 2022

    Straight coupler

    These couplers are too big for the 1/2 inch back pipe and the ridges are too small so they blow off on a hot day. They need to be 17mm netafim connectors. Those work and don't blow off. Don't buy these to connect your 1/2 inch tubing

  • Richard Vardaman - Jun 22nd 2022

    Barbed couplers economy

    These fittings fit the .700 black plastic tubing perfect

  • Scott - Mar 6th 2021

    1” barbed coupler

    The only way to connect or repair 1” poly pipe.

  • Randall - Dec 8th 2020

    Perfect girth

    The competition is a millimeter short when it comes to my needs, finally!

  • Matthew - Mar 6th 2019

    *appropriate adjective* Barbed Couplers

    My local big box hardware store for some reason does not carry couplers for the in-line tubing in their irrigation section. Drip Works does and the pricing is competitive with Amazon. The couplers worked well and they repaired a line I had accidentally severed with a careless machete swing. They were cheap enough I grabbed extra. Would buy again, hopefully for other reasons.

  • Elisabeth - Sep 20th 2017

    Barbed Couplers

    Although I only purchased barbed couplers, they have a huge selection of all kinds of sprinkler accoutrements. The prices are extremely reasonable and shipping was very quick. I'm very pleased and will be a return customer when necessary.


Barbed fittings may come in black, grey, white or brown and are made of schedule 40 PVC plastic. Hose clamps are required for a secure connection.

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