Barbed Couplers

Barbed Couplers

  • 1/2" Barbed Coupler $0.72 BCDURA
  • 3/4" Barbed Coupler $0.89 BC34DURA
  • 1" Barbed Coupler $0.89 BC1
  • 1 1/4" Barbed Coupler $1.39 BC114
  • 1 1/2" Barbed Coupler $1.69 BC112
  • 2" Barbed Coupler $2.95 BC2

Barbed fittings may come in black, grey, white or brown and are made of schedule 40 PVC plastic. Hose clamps are required for a secure connection.

Customer Reviews

1” barbed coupler
The only way to connect or repair 1” poly pipe.
Perfect girth
The competition is a millimeter short when it comes to my needs, finally!
*appropriate adjective* Barbed Couplers
My local big box hardware store for some reason does not carry couplers for the in-line tubing in their irrigation section. Drip Works does and the pricing is competitive with Amazon. The couplers worked well and they repaired a line I had accidentally severed with a careless machete swing. They were cheap enough I grabbed extra. Would buy again, hopefully for other reasons.
Barbed Couplers
Although I only purchased barbed couplers, they have a huge selection of all kinds of sprinkler accoutrements. The prices are extremely reasonable and shipping was very quick. I'm very pleased and will be a return customer when necessary.

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