Arrow Dripper (10 Pack)

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  • Steve - Mar 25th 2019

    Prompt and proper

    I'm paying about 20% less for components here than from my usual bulk hydro vendor, and it comes faster and no sales guy messed up my order in the middle of the process. Awesome!

  • Charles - Jun 11th 2017

    Fantastic Product

    The arrow dripper works great. We have deployed thousands of them in Ohio for years and they still perform great. No clogging.

  • Molly - Apr 18th 2015

    Never-quit and durable!

    The number of pots I garden in increases the older and stiffer I get, and I've used every kind of pot dripper I could find to ease the chore of watering 30 outdoor pots of varying sizes. Except for these little gems they all clog or spit out their heads. And they're much easier to attach than any other dripper I've used, and distribute water better. But here's what's most amazing to me. Our water is very high in calcium. Everything clogs, even the Woodpecker emitters. Everything but the arrow drippers. This is partly because of the way they handle the water, and partly because they can be buried to the tubing attachment, but the rest must be black magic. My entire drip system is run from timers (and I've found the Galcon TGNLID flip-open timers to be far the most reliable, flexible, & durable), with an Amiad heavy-duty (to take constant pressure) filter before each timer. This doesn't prevent calcium from clogging and crusting things but it does keep the whole system healthier. Note: I run 4 arrow drippers at a time from a 4-way Woodpecker splitter, with all tubing 3 feet long (after sad experience trying to adjust various lengths to new pot sizes or placements. This gives some leeway for adjusting water to the needs of different plants & to different sizes of pot. Note 2: Be sure you specify 1/8" tubing when you order Arrow drippers!


This arrow dripper is used as part of a DMWASS or DMWST assembly. Water is distributed by a pressure-compensating woodpecker emitter through 1/8" tubing and guided to the soil by the arrow dripper for targeted watering.

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