Arkal Replacement Super Disc Sets

Arkal Replacement Super Disc Sets

  • 40 Mesh (Blue) $79.95 FAE1040SU
  • 80 Mesh (Yellow) $79.95 FAE180SU
  • 120 Mesh (Red) $79.95 FAE1120SU
  • 140 Mesh (Black) $79.95 FAE1140SU
  • 200 Mesh (Green) $79.95 FAE1200SU

Replacement disc sets for Arkal Super Disc Filters. Disc sets are available in a variety of mesh sizes that provide different levels of filtration. The larger the mesh number, the finer the filter.

Disc sets will last many seasons if properly maintained. They should be cleaned periodically by removing them from the filter body and spraying them off with a high pressure hose nozzle.

Disc Part # Fits These Filters Filter Area (Sq. In.)
FAE1040SU - 40 mesh
FAE180SU - 80 mesh
FAE1120SU - 120 mesh
FAE1140SU - 140 mesh
FAE1200SU - 200 mesh
1" Arkal Super Filter (FA1140SUP, FA1200SUP)
1½" Arkal Super Filter (FA112140SU, FA112200SU)

1" and 1 1/2" Arkal Super Filters use the same size disc set.

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Product works great for ponds that have algae. Doesn’t plug as quick as screen an easier to clean

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