Aqua-Traxx 8 Mil Drip Tape Rolls

Aqua-Traxx 8 Mil Drip Tape Rolls

  • 8 mil - 4" OC - Medium (2,000' Roll) $119.95 TA804SR
  • 8 mil - 4" OC - Medium (7,500' Roll) $298.95 TA804
  • 8 mil - 8" OC - High (7,500' Roll) $298.95 TA808H
  • 8 mil - 8" OC - Low (7,500' Roll) $298.95 TA808L

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Ideal for fruits, vegetables and any other plants that need consistent watering, Aqua-Traxx 8 Mil Drip Tape Rolls give you better control over the water and other resources you put into raising your crops. These rolls are available from DripWorks in a variety of configurations to suit your needs.

This 8 mil drip tape is ideal for row crops or raised beds. Its seamless construction reduces leakage at fittings. The turbulent flow path and slit outlets allow for consistent flow rates and reduced plugging.

You can choose from a variety of 8 mil drip tape when you shop online here. We carry 2,000' rolls as well as economical 7,500' rolls with 4" or 8" spacing.


  • Superb watering efficiency and uniformity
  • Incredible durability and plugging resistance
  • Ideal for above ground, mulched or buried applications
  • Use with 5/8" tape fittings
  • Lasts years; lifespan is considerably increased when tape is covered


  • Warranty: 6 months
  • Pressure Range: 4-15 PSI
  • Filtration Requirements: Minimum 155 mesh recommended
  • Installation: Blue Stripe Up
Part #Emitter SpacingFlowMax Row LengthFlow per 100' @ 8 PSIMax Row Length
w/ LSB Fitting
Roll Size
TA804SR 4" OC Med. 350 ft. 60 GPH 1.0 GPM 140 ft. 2,000 ft.
TA804 4" OC Med. 350 ft. 60 GPH 1.0 GPM 140 ft. 7,500 ft.
TA808L 8" OC Low 700 ft. 20 GPH .34 GPM 380 ft. 7,500 ft.
TA808H 8" OC High 460 ft. 40 GPH .67 GPM 200 ft. 7,500 ft.

Customer Reviews

Works great
Love this tape, I have used other more expensive brands in the past and have not had as good of results with water flow and consistency. I will definitely be getting more rolls.
Williamson County Demo Gardens
The Aqua-Traxx Tape is an excellent product for use in our Williamson County (Texas) Master Gardener Demo Gardens. It is used in the 65 foot crop rows and each of the 4x8 raised garden beds.
Aqua-Traxx 8 mil Tape (2,000' Roll)
Love it! I've been using this drip tape in my yard for 6 years. I live in Central Texas where the sun breaks down plastic in no time, so I try keep it covered with mulch. I have some runs that are 4 years old (great City water here). The only time I really replace a run is when the rats have chewed it up so much it doesn't make sense to add anymore repairs! This is another reason to keep it mulched.

I also love that all the fittings are so easy for people with sore and/or weak hands to use. Thanks for providing such a great product.
Excellent! I bought the tape at 4” spacing and it works great. We are very dry here so this tape is preferred. Especially good for closely spaced veggies like beets and carrots.
8 mil drip tape
Works great
We like this product
This product works well for us with our Organic Farm.
purchased several times
We like this product for our vegetables and fruit!
Drip tape
So many fires in CA and I still got my product via UPS without much delay. I was glad when it arrived because then I knew there company was okay.

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