Amiad Tagline Filters

Amiad Tagline Filters

  • 3/4" Amiad Tagline 155 Mesh $19.95 FAMCP34
  • 3/4" Amiad Tagline 200 Mesh $19.95 FAMCP34200
  • 1" Amiad Tagline 200 Mesh $25.95 FAMCP1
  • 1 1/2" Amiad Tagline 155 Mesh $89.95 FAMCP112
  • 1 1/2" Amiad Tagline 200 Mesh $89.95 FAMCP112200
  • 2" Amiad Tagline 155 Mesh (T-Style) $179.95 FAMCP2155
  • 2" Amiad Tagline 200 Mesh (T-Style) $179.95 FAMCP2200

Amiad Tagline filters are the low cost solution for constant pressure situations (before timers or valves).

All Amiad filters have a Y style body (except the 2" models) and male pipe threads (MPT) on the inlet and outlet. If connecting these filters to a hose threaded system, you may need to use hose to pipe thread adapters .

The 2" Amiad Tagline Filters (FAMCP2155 and FAMCP2200) are large "T-Style" filters with pressure gauge ports on top. Use the 1/4" female coupler to connect 1/4" pressure gauges to these filters. The female couplers and pressure gauges are sold separately. These 2" Amiad Tagline Filters have a threaded cap on the bottom of the filter instead of a drain valve. The cap can be removed to drain the basin of the filter.


  • Male pipe thread (MPT) inlet and outlet
  • Most models include a drain valve for flushing loose debris
  • The 2" filters have a threaded cap instead of a drain valve
  • Includes durable stainless steel screen
  • Replacement screens in a variety of mesh sizes available


  • Maximum pressure: 110 PSI (Standard Amiad is 140 PSI)
  • Maximum flow: depends on the size of filter - see chart in the details section below
Part #Filter Size (MPT)MeshFlow (GPM)Filter Area (Sq. In.)
FAMCP34 3/4" 155 13 17
FAMCP34200 3/4" 200 13 17
FAMCP1 1" 200 22 17
FAMCP112 1 1/2" 155 66 52
FAMCP112200 1 1/2" 200 66 52
FAMCP2155 2" 155 110 72
FAMCP2200 2" 200 110 72

Customer Reviews

Pre_Filter May be needed
The filter works well. However you need to understand how much sediment you may have to filter. After 2 hours of irrigation this filter was so clogged no water would flow. I am installing a whole house sediment filter in front of this filter to try to keep the unit working for one season without clogging up.
2 big problems
threaded ends (mpt) do not seal well and 80 micron screen requires WAY more than 60psi. Will not buy again!
The reason why I purchased so many units, it’s cheaper to buy the whole unit than to buy the filter by itself.
Inline Filter
As always, excellent order processing and delivery times. I only wish these filters were provided with female hose thread upstream and male hose thread downstream of the filter to allow to the connected directly into a garden hose configuration with the battery timers Orbit makes. But it is a well made product as it is.
works well
Used to filter a 2" mainline for drip tape irrigation system. seems to be doing the job.
Great Filter!
After using no-names filters with very mixed results, this filter was a welcome change! Does not leak a drop, and built to last. Thanks!

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