Additional Valve for TOR4W

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  • Tish - May 6th 2021

    Water system

    I had a couple of questions about the system before I ordered it. I called and was walked through every single part of what I needed and how to use it. They have a garden there that helps their sales people know exactly what is used and where it is used by Judy. She was really knowledgeable and not to officious. It was so great to know exactly what I was getting and where to use it!

  • robert Clayton - Aug 1st 2020

    Ease of ordering and quick ship

    Site was easy to navigate and I received the order as expected. Thanks

  • Richard - May 19th 2019

    Additional valve for Orbit timer

    Valve works fine but I had to buy a different filter. It turns out there isn't room on the manifold for more than two filters which I have now, even though it has four outlets. This fact is not shown anywhere on the site that I could find. So, I wasted my time trying to figure it out, and wasted help desk time. Upon checking, they said I would need a new filter that is placed in front of the timer and eliminates filters attached to the manifold. All this wasted time could have easily been avoided. The support desk was very helpful.

  • Pamela - Aug 1st 2018

    TOR4W Valves

    This system has been invaluable in keeping my garden watered with nearly no effort from me once it’s set up for the season. There is a lot of iron in my water, but I’ve only had to change the valves and filters a couple of times in the last several years since I started using it. Well worth the trouble of setting it all up in the first place!


Additional valve for Orbit Multi-Valve LCD Battery Timer (TOR4W).

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