6" Support Stake

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  • Thomas - Mar 26th 2021

    driip supplies

    The best drip irrigation supplier!

  • james - May 18th 2020

    simple and effective stake to hold 1/4" drip line

    The stake has several openings to accommodate different size drip lines. I use two stakes (back to back) so that the drip line does not fulcrum itself into a different position than I intended. These stakes aren't expensive so an extra stake isn't a problem in my small garden bed.

  • Stephen - Sep 5th 2019

    works well

    these stakes work well to hold bubblers up out of the dirt and keep the lines in place

  • George - May 27th 2019

    Great Product

    These stakes work very well and are easy to use. No more need for wire staples which rust and become useless over time. Keeps the drip line clear of the soil preventing clogs. Also make is easy to check that your lines are working. Added bonus is that you can use them to direct the lines around curves e.g circling an individual plant. Very satisfied with the product.

  • Glenn - Jul 22nd 2018

    Home owner

    Everything worked as planned and arrived quickly.

  • jesse - Jul 2nd 2018

    Happy customer

    All of their products have been excellent

  • Kenneth - May 26th 2018

    Hearty & reasonable product

    These are good heavy duty stakes that are reasonably priced. Should have gotten more as I ran out before I was done in the garden.


This 6" support stake will elevate and hold 1/4" or 1/8" micro tubing above ground. It keeps bugs and dirt out of the tubing and elevates emitters for easy inspection.

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