3" Hold Down

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  • Paul - Mar 12th 2021

    Works well in hard ground

    I used these to hold 1/4' tubing down firmly in the hard, dry dirt between plants in our front garden. Easy to push down into the dirt, stays firmly, and easy to pull out if I need to. Decreases tubing sticking up, looking poorly and creating trip hazard.

  • SANDRA - Jul 17th 2020

    Big like but still got questions

    I just wanted to know how to winterize the dripping system I put in from y’all.

  • William - Jul 15th 2020

    hold downs

    proper size and strength.

  • Greg - Jul 13th 2020

    3" hold down

    I have used many of .these hold downs. They work great. Couldn't work any better.

  • William - Jul 6th 2020

    Hold downs

    Proper length.

  • susan - Jul 7th 2019

    DripWorks Hold Downs are the best

    I have used them before and when I ran out tried desperately to find similar products at hardware stores etc. They all had these bulky plastic things that were hard to get into clay, ugly and not strong. So I reordered a bunch of yours.

  • Denis - Apr 9th 2019

    They do What They Say

    Not much of a review here. These are used to hold down 1/4” tubing. They do exactly that. I’ve always been pleased with whatever Drip-works sell. Never been disappointed. These hold downs are no exception. They work great!

  • Bear - Nov 11th 2018

    Prompt and accurate

    And what I needed and at a good price.

  • Dean - Aug 17th 2018

    Overall product review

    Every product I have ordered has been fantastic..I'm new to drip irrigation and like how much time it frees up for other projects. Been growing things my whole life, wish I would've ordered alot sooner.

  • Ruth - Apr 6th 2018

    3" hold down

    These are great for holding drip tubing in place in the flower beds.


These 1/4" hold downs are great for holding 1/4" tubing, 1/8" tubing, or 1/4" Soaker Dripline in place.

The wire hold downs now feature pointed ends to make it easier to apply them in hard ground.

  • Galvanized
  • 3" long
  • U-Shaped

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