3/4" x 3/4" x 1/2" Easy Loc Reducing Tee

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  • Steven - May 8th 2021

    Perfect transition from 3/4 to 1/2 line

    I used this tee to branch off of an existing 3/4 line and it made the task very simple and fast.

  • Laurence - Jun 15th 2020


    Works as expected. Very easy to use. Just make sure it’s for low pressure lines.

  • Peter - Apr 24th 2019


    always fast and great service

  • Cyndee - Jun 2nd 2018


    makes installation quick and easy! water flows through it; it works!

  • truk - May 10th 2018


    Perfect for coming off a 3/4 trunk, easy secure reuseable.

  • Bill - Aug 14th 2017

    Needs work

    The product came with no directions or specs. I initially tried to assemble like a compression fitting and it took me a few attempts to figure out it wasn't. After assembly I had several blow outs. I found I had to reduce pressure to keep that under control. Still leaky somewhat and I'm too nervous to bury now for fear of another blow out.

  • Debra - Jul 31st 2017

    Good but keep them tight!

    Easy to and install but I wish I would've gone with a compression fitting. I've had to reconnect 2 out of the 3 I purchased this season because they popped off the line creating an impromptu water display in the yard. However, if you make sure to get them as snug as possible the first time I think you'll be quite happy. It took me a long time to find this size fitting for the job I needed.


This Easy Loc reducing tee can be inserted into a 3/4" line to create a 1/2" branchline, or connected to the end of a 1/2" line to create two 3/4" branchlines.

Use the ELRT for branching a 1/2" line off of a 3/4" line.

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