3/4" Polyethylene Mainline Tubing (0.830" ID x 0.940" OD)

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  • Arnold - Oct 20th 2020

    3/4 inch tubing

    Best price online and fast delivery

  • Nick - Sep 15th 2020

    Plant irrigation

    I also bought 1/2" tubing and many fittings. These products are great. I am very happy with the final results of my endeavors.

  • Jessica - Aug 28th 2020

    Amazing selection

    Dripworks provides high quality products that we are not able to purchase in our local stores. I have purchased several fittings and tubing which have all been received quickly.

  • Mike - Aug 28th 2020

    Great job

    Bought 500’ of 3/4” acres poly pipe. Great price, quick shipping. Awesome

  • Robert - Jul 24th 2020

    3/4 tubing

    I was not happy that the tubing was jammed into the box that was too small. 10 ft of the 50 ft roll was all bent and mashed and had to be reshaped. Very disappointed

  • Sidney Tate - Apr 25th 2020

    Re: 3/4 mainline tubing

    Looks great, haven't used yet, but it's just what I needed. Nice packaging, only a couple of slight kinks in the middle.

  • Deborah - Nov 24th 2019

    best micro-irrigation pipe

    Dripworks' 3/4" micro-irrigation tubing is the best I've found. The larger pipe allows excellent water pressure for long runs of pipe.

  • BRT - Oct 14th 2019


    I buy this dripper line because it’s the most workable and durable I’ve found. Drippers are easier to install, and water-tight. Fast delivery.

  • jean - Jul 3rd 2019

    Quality product

    I've ordered this particular item a few times from DripWorks, and it seems to be a quality product. Making connections - from this line to a smaller line, or connecting within the 3/4" system is easy and long lasting. Cold winters in CT have not had any negative effect.

  • Michael - Jun 6th 2019

    Always great service

    I love to shop from here, great service and help on the phone.


The 3/4" Polyethylene Mainline Tubing from DripWorks is popular for use as a mainline for larger home gardens and on small farms. You can use this 3/4” irrigation tubing as a header or branch line off a larger mainline.

Durable and strong, this poly tubing is also easy to work with. It maintains excellent water pressure even over long runs. We offer a variety of lengths, including 50 feet, 100 feet, 250 feet and 500 feet, so you can get just the right amount of 3/4-inch tubing you need for your project.


  • Size: 0.830" ID x 0.940" OD
  • Max. Pressure: 50 PSI
  • Max. Flow: 480 GPH (8 GPM)
  • Fittings: Use with 3/4" Easy Loc, Compression or Barbed fittings

Important Notes:

  • Not rated for use under constant pressure. Install after automated timers and valves.
  • Because there is no industry standard, all tubing is nominally sized. Refer to ID and OD measurements for exact size.

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