3/4" Polyethylene Mainline Tubing (0.830" ID x 0.940" OD)

3/4" Polyethylene Mainline Tubing (0.830" ID x 0.940" OD)

  • 50' $21.95 3450
  • 100' $31.95 34100
  • 250' $74.95 34250
  • 500' $112.95 34500

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This 3/4" polyethylene tubing is often used as a mainline for larger home gardens and small farms. It can also be used as a header or branch line off of a larger mainline.


  • Size: 0.830" ID x 0.940" OD
  • Max. Pressure: 50 PSI
  • Max. Flow: 480 GPH (8 GPM)
  • Fittings: Use with 3/4" Easy Loc, Compression or Barbed fittings

Important Notes:

  • This tubing is not rated for use under constant pressure. It must be installed after automated timers and valves.
  • All tubing is nominally sized. There is no industry standard. Refer to the ID and OD measurements for exact tubing size.

Customer Reviews

Great source for drip irrigation
By Ronald on 12/15/2017
This is the latest of several orders from DripWorks. All interactions in all forms have been superlative. I have no criticisms, but many positive comments -- simply a great source for advice and products in putting together a drip irrigation system.
By Richard on 10/16/2017
I buy all my tubing from you.
This last order kinked so much easier than previous orders and the kinks were much more difficult to get out. Great company
Great Service
By Chris on 9/3/2017
I have been using Drip Works for many years and I will continue to use them as my go to place for irrigation

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