1/4" Vinyl Micro Tubing (0.160" ID x 0.220" OD)

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  • Charles - Apr 23rd 2021

    Easier To Work With

    We like the vinyl tubing over the poly tubing because it is softer and easier to work with.

  • Tom - Apr 17th 2021

    Easy on the hands

    This vinyl tubing is very flexible and easy to insert droppers and valves and even those tough on the fingers 90s. Extra valuable during the cold winter season. The sun does weaken it during the hottest part of the summer. In lines that aren’t shaded, temps over 110 that you want to last 10 years or more, I use the poly 1/4 inch and don’t try to put in too many fittings in a day.

  • Hosanna - Jun 26th 2019

    Products are great, shipping prices and times not great.

    Dripworks has a great selection of products and I really appreciate how helpful their explanations are — makes finding, learning about and ordering products really easy. Customer service is also friendly and responsive, including quick replacement at no cost of a shipment that was lost by the carrier. The shipping prices, however, are prohibitively expensive. On one order I the shipping was 50% of the order cost. On a second order, shipping was MORE expensive than the cost of products. So it’s just not a good option for small orders. Which means if you are ordering an entire new system, it makes sense. For replacements and/or upgrades of an existing shipment, it doesn’t make sense. Additionally, products were slow to arrive.

  • KERSTIN - Aug 9th 2018

    Love this tubing

    The vinyl tubing is SO much easier to work with than the other stuff and performs just as well.

  • Randal - Aug 1st 2018

    Smooth transaction.

    Product as described.

  • Carl R - May 19th 2018

    Good Drip Line

    I prefer this drip line due to its flexibility and ease of laying it out without using extra landscape pins to hold in place. Excellent product.

  • Dennis - Jun 21st 2017

    Saves the thumbs

    Much easier on the thumbs and more flexible. No problem with blowing out connections.


1/4" vinyl micro tubing is much softer and more flexible than polyethylene micro tubing. Use 1/4" vinyl micro tubing to connect 1/4" barbed or threaded emitters, sprayers, misters or mini sprinklers to your mainline tubing.


  • Size: 0.160" ID x 0.220" OD
  • Max. Pressure: 30 PSI
  • Max. Flow: 30 GPH (15 feet or less)
  • Use with 1/4" micro fittings

Important Notes:

  • This tubing is not rated for use under constant pressure. It must be installed after automated timers and valves. All tubing is nominally sized.
  • There is no industry standard. Please see the ID and OD measurements for exact tubing size.
  • Vinyl tubing is easy to use and more flexible than polyethylene tubing. However, it should not be used at higher temperatures or at pressures above 30 PSI, this may cause the tubing to pop off of the fittings.

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