1/4" Quick Disconnect Fittings

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  • Penny - Sep 13th 2020


    This quick disconnect is exactly what I needed for my planters on the deck. It enables me to move the planters without disturbing the drip line in the planter. No more hassles!!! It is super easy to separate the main 1/4” line coming up to the planter from the polytube below in order to move the planter for cleaning the deck or to rearrange the placement of the planters. It’s saved me a great deal of extra work. Highly recommend this product!!!!

  • Mark - Aug 6th 2020


    These fittings are quick as advertised. They will make my garden irrigation system easier to manage over the winter months by being able to quickly keep the drippers indoors.

  • Gerald - Jul 19th 2019

    Brilliant concept and execution

    For anyone who likes to swap plants and containers around this is the delightful answer that turns a drip system into an easy to connect and disconnect modular system. Wish I knew about these when I started, but now I will slowly integrate them in.

  • Matt - Dec 1st 2018

    It really works

    The 1/4" disconnect fitting really works. Great product. Now I can easily move my drip irrigated plants as needed.

  • berous - Oct 23rd 2017

    Easy to use, no leaks,brilliant

    This is a brilliant solution to a vexing problem. Gardens change, and now the watering system can change right along with the plants! Try this hack. Start watering with Malida reverse osmosis watering system fittings! Hmmm the push fittings are exactly the same but 80% cheaper. You just have to put up with white not gray.


A quick-disconnect fitting will give you the freedom to move your drip-irrigated plants when and where you want. Quick-disconnect fittings are great for landscapers and anyone else who needs to move plants from decks or greenhouses without having to cut the lines. The 1/4" Quick-Disconnect Irrigation Fittings from DripWorks are available in two versions: a coupler or a tee.

These quick-disconnect tubing fittings are easy to use. To connect, just push the tubing into the fitting.

To disconnect, push the small plastic outer shoulder toward the fitting body. Placing a 1/4" washer over the tubing before you insert the fitting will let you use it as a tool to press the shoulder. Then, while pressing the shoulder, simply pull the tubing out of the fitting.

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