1/2" Polyethylene Mainline Tubing (0.600" ID x 0.700" OD)

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  • Jose - Oct 7th 2020

    Good, should be more flexible

    I think the 1/2 Tubing was more flexible, but it is good.

  • Robert - Oct 6th 2020

    great service

    great service and a great price

  • Jennifer - Sep 25th 2020

    great product, great company

    This product is thinner than the 1/2" poly from the local hardware, but also much cheaper, which makes it a great value and easy to work with.

  • Patrick - Sep 1st 2020

    Does everything I would want!

    working fine. all the boxes are turned off. only 2 1/4" tubes to drip hoses are dripping 3 times a day to 2 trees. so IT'S ALL WORKING!

  • Donna - Aug 25th 2020

    Always the best

    Dripworks is my go to place for anything related to garden irrigation, the products are high quality at reasonable prices, staff is super helpful and shipping is fast

  • Paul - Aug 18th 2020

    DripWorks Orders

    I like the quality of the DripWorks products, but I am hesitant to place additional orders because of the high shipping charges.

  • RICHARD Cartwright - Jul 26th 2020

    1/2 pe tubing does the job

    After many years of service, the above ground parts of my off-grid home and gardens irrigation system that were exposed to sunlight needed to be replaced. I relied on DripWorks for replacement tubing and fittings as I have for over 27 years for consistent quality and service.

  • Marcus - Jul 21st 2020

    ON time, no issues

    These guys are the best, always on time and seem to always have adequate product on hand. Never had anything on back order.

  • Robert - Jul 8th 2020

    Great Service

    I have placed 5 orders for tubing and associated parts. Each order has been promptly filled and delivered.

  • Timothy - Jul 3rd 2020

    1/2" Tubing

    Works well with our gabion raised beds.


Versatile and economical enough to suit many uses, this 1/2" polyethylene tubing is the most common size of supply line used for most drip systems. It is often used as a mainline for small to medium-sized gardens. It can also serve as a header or branch line off of a larger mainline.

DripWorks carries this 1/2” black poly tubing in a variety of lengths ranging from 50 feet to 1,000 feet. That lets you pick just the right amount of black tubing you need for your specific application. It is durable and will stand up well to the weather, including intense sunlight.

If you have questions about this product or drip irrigation in general, call us toll-free during business hours. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff can give you information that will save you time and money. You may also fill in and submit our online question form.


  • Size: 0.600" ID x 0.700" OD
  • Max. Pressure: 50 PSI
  • Max. Flow: 240 GPH (4 GPM)
  • Fittings: Use with 1/2" Easy Loc, compression or barbed fittings

Important Notes:

  • This tubing is not rated for use under constant pressure. It must be installed after automated timers and valves.
  • All tubing is nominally sized. There is no industry standard. Refer to the ID and OD measurements for exact tubing size.

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