1/2" Emitter Tubing, 18" Spacing, 1 GPH

1/2" Emitter Tubing, 18" Spacing, 1 GPH

  • 100' $32.95 DET181
  • 500' $129.95 DET181-500

This 1/2" inline drip emitter tubing has 1 GPH emitters pre-installed every 18 inches. It can be circled around trees or used in straight rows and is great for garden beds, long rows, hillside or terraced gardens, orchards, hedges and windrows. The built-in pressure compensating emitters allow for consistent flow rates regardless of changes in pressure due to long rows or changes in terrain.

  • Specifications:
  • Pressure Range: 10 - 50 PSI
  • Flow Rate: 67 GPH per 100' (1 GPH per emitter)
  • Maximum Single Row Length: 350'
  • Tubing Diameter: .600 ID, .700 OD (same size as our 1/2" mainline)
  • Fittings: Use with our 1/2" Easy Loc, barbed, or compression fittings

Customer Reviews

Great border watering
The 12” tubing with integral emitters is doing a great job of keeping healthy & watered a border that encircles our back yard. It’s doing the job for the entire 100+ feet of borders & im adding an occasional ‘spaghetti’ 1/4” emoter for a few plants that need heavy watering. Loving it as it’s much less maintenance than multiple single emitters.
1/2” emitter tubing 18” spacing 1 GPH
I liked to 9” spacing better. This one seems to not give out enough water. I checked the area and it seems I need to increase the time duration for that zone
Works great so far
Commercial growing of perennials on bare dirt & under landscape fabric. Seems to work great so far! Much better than the drip tape I was using before.

Only thing I could offer for improvement is it'd be far easier to install if it was on some sort of even a cheap roll to aide installation. It's not easy uncoiling a 500' roll without kinking it a couple times.
Great product for urban yard
I appreciate the resources that this site provides for figuring out how much tubing and other supplies are needed to install a drip irrigation system in a small, urban yard. As noted, this type of system is perfect for a residential garden. My system has been operating for three weeks in 100 degree weather and all of my garden beds look great! I also recommend using the EasyLoc fittings - if you change any configuration of tubing, it makes it very easy to make those adjustments.

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