1/2" Easy Loc Tee

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  • Joseph - Jun 2nd 2020

    great product

    I continue putting this drip system together and adding more pieces as my understanding changes.. In the end we will see a great garden and a long lasting drip system..

  • David - Jun 1st 2020

    Well Made

    Very easy to use and sturdy. I've had some outside for four years with no problems.

  • Jeanne M - May 16th 2020

    Always perfect

    I have been buying all of my irrigation equipment from Dripworks for 20 years, both for my house garden (food and ornamentals) and for when I was growing cut flowers for sale. I use T-tape for row crops and emitter tubing for everything else, all automated. Shipments are always perfect and the staff is helpful. If that‘s not a recommendation, I don‘t know what is!

  • James - May 16th 2020

    Easy Loc Fittings

    Easy Loc fittings are the best fittings I have used for drip systems.

  • Stacy - May 11th 2020

    These really are easy to use!

    I have been very happy with how easy these fittings are to use I am older and do not have the grip in my hands that I used to, these make it much easier to set up my drip systems and I have huge areas to cover.

  • Peter G. - Mar 7th 2020

    1/2" easy loc fittings

    These are so easy to use, do not leak and are re-useable! Highly recommend them!

  • Christopher - Sep 3rd 2019

    Garden irrigation

    Great product easy install

  • Rick - Aug 26th 2019

    Secure connection

    I don't have to worry about it popping apart on a hot day.

  • Marcia - Jul 17th 2019

    Love Me Some Easy Locs!

    I always had a hard time with couplings and T's until I started getting Easy Locs from Dripworks. They are so simple and are delivered very fast!

  • Toni - Jun 30th 2019

    Some benefits

    The 1/2" Easy Loc Tee as well as the other Easy Loc fittings have some advantages over either compression fittings or ones that you secure with clamps. A good twist secures the joint and if there is a leak there is a good chance you can twist the fitting a bit more and stop the leak. Please note, however, that they are much bulkier than the older alternatives. So it is best to use them where the additional bulk is not a problem. I had some difficulty getting my lengths exactly right because of not calculating exactly how much length of tubing would be used for the joint. Note also that these fittings do not eliminate the need to push hard to slide the tube onto the fitting. It is still best to use some heat on the 1/2" tubing before trying to slide it on.


This 1/2" Easy Loc tee connects three pieces of 1/2" tubing. Simply cut the mainline tubing and insert a Tee fitting.

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