1/2" Easy Loc Tee

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  • William Veal - Dec 9th 2021

    Easy loc fittings

    Love the easy lock connectors as well as all the Dripworks products I have tried.

  • G. Neal - Apr 17th 2021

    Awesome system

    Received everything I ordered. Kit went together very easily. No leaks. Works perfect. Price was fair. 10/10.

  • James - Apr 16th 2021

    I'm small time but get big results

    DripWorks products are time savers, starting with the ease of ordering, the quick turn around of shipping, and even I can do this a diy kind of guy.

  • Dennis - Jan 22nd 2021

    Great Product

    Have been using Easy Loc Tees for years. They are easy to use and are extremely reliable. They maintain keeping the drip line in place with no problems.

  • Robert - Oct 17th 2020

    Product review of parts and labels

    Parts are quality and easy to assemble. 5 stars. Bought 17" clip stakes, quailty part but bar code is a pain. Each stake had a label that was time consuming to remove and left a glue part. Ordered 50 and spent over an hour using exacto knife to remove. 0 star Suggect bagging in 10 or 25 then put label on package.

  • Ingela - Oct 4th 2020


    I find them easy to install and like that I can easily take them apart and reuse them. Also, thank you for shipping so quickly!

  • HAE-HONG - Sep 16th 2020

    1/2" Easy Loc Tee


  • Willie - Jul 19th 2020

    Community gardener

    Excellent material for irrigation system

  • CLYDE - Jul 6th 2020

    work very well

    I use a dripline in a combination of raised bed and ground arbors in my wife's garden (both vegetable and flour). Individual water valves and the Easy Loc Tees are the primary tool for branching lines off for her new additions.

  • Mark - Jun 30th 2020

    easy to use

    First time installing a drip line irrigation system, and I found all the products from DripWorks to be very easy to use, and forgiving if you made a mistake. Highly recommend for the ease of installation.


This 1/2" Easy Loc tee connects three pieces of 1/2" tubing. Simply cut the mainline tubing and insert a Tee fitting.

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