1/2" Easy Loc Tee

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  • Hugo H - Aug 1st 2022

    Easy loc tee

    Really easy, secure (no leaks) and fast way to split your system

  • Hughie Garrison - Jun 22nd 2022

    Easy lock t

    Very easy to use

  • Isabell Norman - Jun 9th 2022

    Not easy to remove

    they are easy to put on but not easy to remove. They used to be easy to remove but the last few years the removal is a hit and miss, some remove just as they should, others you can wiggle and pull all you want they are not budging. In the last few years it is getting harder and harder to redo my irrigation and I have been doing that for at least 30 years. Today I spent almost an hour to just remove 5 fittings, 2 came off easy the others came off with difficulty or not at all. It's not like you can dip some connected tubing into a hot thermos for easy use. I gave up on it today because my hands hurt so much and swell up. I think since the fittings are made in china nowadays there is some inconsistency in the manufacturing, there are other issues as well with other components, like some of the same thing work, some don't. I am really disappointed in this long loved product. Not sure how I get my irrigation done now, aside I buy more fittings i already own. :(

  • William Bentley - May 25th 2022

    Easy drip irrigation tee

    The easy loc drip irrigation system is the easiest and best drip system that I have found

  • Amanda Abernathy - May 24th 2022

    Easy to use!

    Very easy to use and durable

  • William Veal - Dec 9th 2021

    Easy loc fittings

    Love the easy lock connectors as well as all the Dripworks products I have tried.

  • Norman - Jun 6th 2021

    Drip works has always been my go to!!!

    Drip works has always been my go to!!! They have everything I need, and great service to boot. The turn around time even during COVID is great. These folks Kobe there stuff and are professional. I highly recommend Drip Works for everything irrigation and some.

  • Mark - May 15th 2021


    Great products and great service.

  • Jean - May 5th 2021

    1/2 easy loc tee

    Very easy to attach to drip line tubing.

  • Donald - May 3rd 2021

    Simple and Perfect

    love DripWorks, love their easy loc products.


This 1/2" Easy Loc tee connects three pieces of 1/2" tubing. Simply cut the mainline tubing and insert a Tee fitting.

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